During rainy weather, the water level of the greenbelt that runs behind our house it quite high; during dry periods it drains and becomes quite shallow. Tiny birds take advantage of the pools of water; the time I spent on my deck this weekend I spent listening to the birds splash around.

Tay spent the weekend doing an engine swap on the civic; he lived in his coveralls and layers of grease and dirt while various racing friends passed through our garage during the past two days helping Tay where they could. As a result, I had most of the weekend to myself, and spent the majority of it sitting out back. I ate my meals out there, read for hours, wrote out our thank you cards – a task that has been weighing on our minds since the wedding. I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, and shopped for towels and sheets and a new duvet cover. The sheets and duvet cover I returned, the towels are laundered, folded and on the shelf in the linen closet.

I went to the library, where I signed out Mystic River, Midwives and Drowning Ruth (I am still on the waiting list for 100 Years of Solitude). I had an afternoon nap yesterday and lounged in bed for an hour this morning while the cool morning breeze drifted in through the window. I bought a bike lock, a father’s day card for my Dad, and cleaned the fish tank. I chatted with both my sisters, I stretched and felt a world of good settle through me.

This is the beginning of summer for me, weekends where Tay is most often racing and I am left to my own devices for one or both of the days that the weekend has to offer. Often, I have people ask me if I mind my weekend solitude and most of the time, I don’t. I usually welcome the opportunity to spend the weekend doing my own thing; I enjoy my own company.

Free Pizza is Good Pizza

Tonight we decided to order the new 4forAll pizza from Pizza Hut. Upon arriving at the restaurant to pick it up, we discovered that there was no pizza waiting for us. Apparently, Pizza Hut had run out of their new feature and the girl that took our order hadn’t bothered to take our phone number, so they had no way of calling us back to adjust our order. The guy behind the corner was appropriately apologetic – not only did he give us a future credit to be used towards a 4forAll pizza, but he also provided us with a medium pizza at no charge.

In My Hot Spot

Who He Is: Jeremy Sisto

Where I Recently Took Notice: Celebrity Poker Showdown

Where’s He’s Been: Six Feet Under, Thirteen, Clueless

Where I First Noticed Him: Hideaway

His chances of Making it to My Friends Five: Very High. He’s a 86% favorite for moving into Johnny Knoxville’s position at #5. With the new season of Six Feet Under just starting, his chances of moving higher on the list are well above average.

Sunday Brunch – An Auto-biography

(from Sunday, June 6th)

1. Who taught you how to drive? A few people tried to teach me until I got frustrated learning all their bad habits that I finally signed myself up for private lessons.

2. How old were you when you got your driver’s license? Seventeen?

3. What kind of vehicle(s) do you own? Honda Civic (hatchback). Dunno the year, maybe a 93? 94?

4. Is it an automatic or stick shift? Stick.

5. Do you keep the inside of your vehicle sparkly clean, fairly clean or pretty much messy? Fairly clean.

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