Today is Tay’s birthday – and he is 27. That in itself is difficult to believe – considering when we first met, he had just turned 17!

So Happy Birthday to my husband – he is both sexy and beautiful (as the photo above proves) and he makes me laugh every single day.

Heat Alert

Most of Ontario is undergoing a heat-alert – at 7am this morning it was already 22 degrees, the humidex was making it feel like 32. They are saying temperatures today are going up to 32, it will probably feel like 40 with the humidex. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to cool off but this is just giving us a taste of what to expect later this summer – it’s going to be HOT.

Our office is airconditioned, fortunately, as is our home. And the gym seems to be running their AC at top speed – it was almost to the point of being chilly when we worked out yesterday, but once you work up a sweat you don’t notice it so much. My car, however, does not have air conditioning and while the commute to work in the morning is sufferable (the car stays relatively cool parked in the garage overnight, and it’s only 15 minutes up the highway) but the afternoon commute has become a sticky affair. I’m trying not to complain overly, even though I can feel the heat making me cranky. Things could be worse I suppose – I could not have airconditioning at home, it could always be hotter, or it could still be winter (and by winter I mean the gross-sludgy time of year, which runs January-March).

Wednesday Matinee

1. What movie always manages to make you laugh? Forget Paris. Always. You want it, you got it. Toooooyota.

2. What upcoming movie do you most want to see this summer? The Village.

3. Which actor would make your best husband / wife? Ummm… GiovanniGiovanniGiovanni 🙂

~Triple Feature Combo Bonus~ What’s your favorite movie snack? Nachos with cheese and jalepenos.

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