Summer has Arrived in TawnyLand

I had one of those perfect days that makes you glad to be alive – one of those days that are a result of all things perfect; friends and nice weather seem to be key factors in the formula and an afternoon siesta doesn’t hurt either.

Renu called me this morning at 9am (because she was bored); it seemed we both got a little drunk at her dinner party the night before – guests included myself and Tay, C&E, Irene and Renu et al; the dinner was a gesture on Renu and Jai’s part to celebrate our wedding – but despite my minor hangover I was happy to wake to sunshine and the feeling of well-rest that seems to often following an evening of drink. Renu and I made plans to go to the mall to shop for Tay’s bday present (next Wednesday, FYI, June 9) and since Tay had taken my car to race today, I was left carless. Renu suggested we go to the mall while Jai took Jayant to Tae-Kwon-Do and then we could have lunch; I agreed, volunteering to bikeride to Renu’s (Irene has lent me her bike towards my somewhat-conviction to triathalon in September – I will further blog about that at a later date). So I biked there; discovering rather quickly that I couldn’t figure out how to shift gears but still managed to make it in less than ten minutes. We went to the mall, I got my shopping done (I must confess to purchasing two more pairs of lacy-boy-shorts, therefore upping the count from 9 to 11 – today I got peach and black, which means I now have 3 pairs of black (which you can NEVER have enough of) but, in my defense, they were on sale (5 for $25) and so Renu and I shared, she got 3 and I got 2, how could I resist?!), we returned to Renu’s ate lunch, I played with the kids and bikerode with Jayant then headed back home where I decided to further indulge myself with an afternoon nap.

For the record, there is nothing quite so perfect as an afternoon nap in the summer – the sunshine filtering through the blinds and the way the breeze causes the blinds to make the rhythmic staccato against the window – even the sounds of birds, lawnmowers, and power tools are noises to sleep by.

Following my nap I grabbed my book and headed out to the patio to further enjoy the sunshine of the day – I’m currently reading the fourth book in the Dark Tower series – Wizard and Glass and the fearless foursome have just encountered the Stand’s world of Captain Tripps and also includeds wenches and witches all of which is captivating. I read for a bit, feeling the sun shining down on my face, my Diet Pepsi so cold in contrast – reading until Tay arrived home at which point we headed out to pick up Kelsey’s take out for dinner – I had a side spinach salad with a cracked peppercorn burger and it was fabulously tasty – and then, while we were watching Celebrity Poker, C&E called to see if we would like some company – they stopped by to show us their new CRV – which is very cool, and then the four of us piled into and headed for the movies where we watched Shrek 2 and I laughed myself silly and especially enjoyed all the Hollywoodisms of Far, Far Away, particularily the scene where the giant gingerbread man goes for the Starbucks coffee and the patrons all evacuate it only to swarm to the Starbucks across the street :). Very clever and very witty – screenwriting at it’s finest :).

(“It looks like we’re up chocolate creek without a

Popsicle stick!”)

And now, here I am while Tay sleeps in the next room; him worn out from his day of sunshine while I am somewhat refreshed and awake from my nap – though I will probably try and sleep soon so that I can wake at an early enough time and attempt to achieve yet another perfect day, therefore making it a perfect weekend :).

WorthMentioning:I feel a stirring of restlessness in me that I seem to experience yearly with the start of the summer months; in addition, I am reading more than I typically average; I have become greedy for books that suck me in and don’t let me go. I’m welcoming this restlessness and book-obsession because I’ve noticed this pattern before – I’ve a sneaky feeling that I’m entering my ‘writing’ season. To be able to write after a lonnnnng winter is something I plan on embracing with much, MUCH enthusiasm!

New Blog!!

Stacy is tenatively blogging – check her out at This is Not Yours and convince to keep blogging!!

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