The Many Sizes of Me

In the past couple of days or so I’ve come across a number of photos taken of me in the past few years – I was pretty startled to see myself then, compared to now.

At my heaviest, back in the spring of 2000. If I remember correctly, I was weighing in at 184lbs.

This would have been about 6 months later – I think I started losing weight that summer, so I’m probably around 176lbs here.

March 2003 in New Orleans – I had lost 13lbs (on Slimfast) and was weighing in at 163lbs.

October 2003 – at Niagara Falls with Jody and Andy. I had gained a couple of pounds since New Orleans – I would have been 167lbs at the time.

And of course, May 2004, weighing in at 150lbs, which was my goal weight for the wedding. From January to March I lost a total of 17lbs, following a low-carb eating plan (which Tay and I still do).

I am asked quite often why I push myself so hard in regards to gymming and eating well – this is my answer: Because I know what will happen to me if I don’t.


Never again :).

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