Babies Galore!

On Sunday morning, Helen gave birth to a baby girl – Morgan Elizabeth. She weighed 8lbs, 9oz and both baby and Mom are home, resting comfortably. I visited yesterday and got to know Morgan – the little gem slept snuggled into my chest for almost an hour. When Helen originally asked me if I wanted to hold her, she warned me that it would probably be for only a few moments as the baby would most likely want to feed. Nope, not the case at all!! Helen mentioned that it was unusual for Morgan to be so comfortable with me – it reminded me of how Jagrit was when he was born – Helen mused that perhaps babies can sense my maternal instincts – when I was chatting with Renu just a few minutes ago, she expressed how eager she was for me to have a baby of my own. I had to laugh – since the wedding, we’ve been asked a few times when we’re going to get pregnant. My stance is, why have a baby when I can just borrow my friend’s for a snuggle here and there?? 🙂


I’ve been working on a general summary of the trip, but it’s taking me a lot longer than I thought – and, as I feared, I am getting bogged down in the details. I suspect as I progress through the trip, I’ll get briefer and briefer. I have a feeling the last day will read something like, “Woke up, went to airport, came home, the end.” Once I have it all completed, I’ll post it in one full swoop – considered yourself warned :).

I’m also close to finishing detailing the wedding at Bridal Confessions – only a couple more entries and that will be the finish of it – I’m going to miss blogging over there, perhaps that’s why I’m dragging my feet?

And inspired by Dawn’s blog entry of 10 Things She Loves, Here’s MY own list :).

1. Baby geese

(I saw a mother goose and her flock trailing after her on my way home from work yesterday.)

2. My Vegas ‘The Strip’ t-shirt, and all things Vegas related :).

3. The smell of the ocean.

4. The smell of new babies.

5. When friends go away and finally come back :).

6. All my 9 pairs of lacy-boy shorts.

7. East Coast Food – my Mom’s stew, May Garden egg rolls, donairs.

8. Evening rain after a sweltering day.

9. Cosmopolitans.

10. My husband!!

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