Thoughts From The Air

We are on our way home, flying somewhere over the US, my husband (hee!) is beside me, watching Kill Bill on his handheld and me typing clumsily on his laptop. Not sure how much battery power I have left – surely not enough to capture all thoughts but a start – something I can post when we get home.

(I must remember to save often!)

It is difficult to imagine that we are in the last leg of our journey – in about ninety minutes we will be landing in Toronto and our married life will begin :). The past eight days have flown by in an overwhelming blur and it is only now as things are gradually slowing down that I am able to absorb it all. Every so often I see my wedding band sparkling up at me and it startles me a little. I’ve yet to had the opportunity to refer to publicly refer to Tay as my husband – at our gate in Denver I desperately wanted someone to ask me if the seat beside me was taken so that I could say, “Yes, sorry, my husband is sitting there.” 🙂 I’m waiting, albeit impatiently, for the opportunity.

So then… some brief thoughts about the trip, with me reserving the right to revisit at a later date and blither on about particular events in much further detail.

Top Three Highlights of the Trip

1. The wedding

2. Helicopter tour INTO the Grand Canyon, complete with champagne breakfast

3. ‘O’

For the most part, the wedding was, and remains to be everything, that I had hoped for, and is forefront in my mind as being one of the best days of my life. The day came very close to being perfect – and I can accept that not every wedding is ever perfect and I know that there are always different things that many brides and grooms later wish that they had done differently – in our case, our what-ifs are rather trivial and, to be fair to Tay, are more mine rather than his. Despite my obsessiveness about these rather irrelevant trivialities (which, I am sure I will blog about later as I have not put that particular angst to rest), the wedding went beautifully (I cried after Tay’s vows and found it very difficult to get through my own), the staff at the chapel were friendly and very accomodating, the photographer was very much efficient (perhaps too much so, but a result of my arriving late to the chapel (angst #1)), the ride down the strip, while rushed (angst #1 again) was a lot of fun and very rewarding – we definitely got some truly wonderful photos, particularily at Bellagio and the Venetian and dinner, of course was what I had hoped for – friends and family sitting comfortably in a beautiful restaurant with excellent food and drink.

And my shoes didn’t hurt at all.

I think that’s going to have to be it for now – I can feel my ears starting to pop as we gradually change altitude – I would presume that our arrival in Toronto is imminent.

Evidence #1 that I have the best husband ever:

He gave me a black t-shirt which says in white letters, “I’m blogging this.”

I wore it into the Grand Canyon, photos are unavoidable – stay tuned. 🙂

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