In some ways, I feel like I have dropped off the face of the earth :). I’m not sure where all my time seems to be going these days but it’s been disappearing at an alarming rate – hard to believe that five weeks from now we will be in Las Vegas. Of course, wedding details are consuming some of our time but most of it is being consumed by going to the gym and getting the house in order. Odd, but with the wedding quickly approaching I am feeling a strong need to organize my life – and that definitely includes the house. I spent some time this evening going through the stack of mail that’s accumulated on my desk the past few months and on the weekend I went through a lot of my clothes – tried on a lot of summer stuff from last year and packed away some stuff that was too big (the number of these articles in particle are growing in a somewhat alarming rate), and brought out a lot of the stuff that last year was too small. I am very close to fitting into my CK chinos, which have been ‘goal’pants for a long time – except they are a little shorter than I would like them – which can mean only one thing – a capri conversion is in store! :).

Weightloss WeighIn

I am currently hovering between 155-155.5 – the weight loss seems to be tapering off just a bit – which is frustrating especially because I am so close to my goal – I’ve heard it been said that the last 5lbs are the hardest to lose and this very well may be true – I am still eating much the same but working out a lot more frequently – not sure if I am building muscle mass, which is causing me to plateau or not – because at the same time, I’ve started up with big chunks of

cardio (an hour of jogging, rowing and biking). I do know that I am hungry a lot more and I think it’s because my metabolism is going up – I’m hoping that come Saturday I will be at 154 – or at least 155 even. Five weeks to go before we leave – the pressure is on! 🙂

(Worth-mentioning: Despite my montioring of the scale, I have to confess to feeling pretty great about how I look – in fact, I probably look better than I have in probably five years. It’s a bit surreal to watch your appearance change in the mirror – there’s a different look to my face and my body that I am definitely noticing. It’s kind of…weird!! 🙂

Two Brides are Better Than One

While talking with Jojo this morning, she revealed to me that her and Andy have decided on a date for their own wedding – on the 9th of October, which is the Thanksgiving long weekend. They’ve booked the Fairview Inn in Bridgewater and are already pulling the details together. Jody has wisely looked into getting a coordinator to help her arrange the details but so far, it sounds absolutely fabulous. Other than watching my sister getting married to someone who loves her so completely for who she is (something that I always knew she deserved and waited somewhat impatiently for), it is going to be a chance for my entire family to be together again – something that hasn’t happened in I’m not sure how long. I’m excited by the thought of it all – and already started investigating airfare to Halifax in the fall.

Who would have thunk that the two of us would be getting married the same year?? Certainly not I! 🙂

Fun With My ABCs

(Lifted from Dawn’s blog as I’m too lazy to find my own fun)

Age: 28

Band listening to right now: Barenaked Ladies

Career future: Writer

Dad’s name: John

Easiest person to talk to: Renu & Dawn

Favorite song: Currently, Belleville Rendez-Vous (from Les Triplettes De Belleville)

Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears

Hometown: Halifax

Instruments: LOL

Job: Office/Database Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Kids: Not right now, thanks.

Longest car ride ever: by car: Nova Scotia to Colorado – 4 days all told.

Mom’s name: Gina

No. of pets: One – A Fish named Nelson (from the Simpsons).

Oldest friend: Dawn

Phobia(s): Ants & Zombies

Quote: Nothing can be created out of nothing.

Reason to smile: Fresh air and flip flops, baby kisses from Jago, Tay when he calls me princess, Irene dancing in the middle of the office.

Song you sang last: The Man I Used To Love, Billie Holiday

Time you wake up: 7:15

Unknown fact about me: At my heaviest, I weighed 184 – but would never have admitted to it then.

Vegetable you hate: Peas

Worst habit: Procrastination

X-rays you’ve had: Cat scan once… and an ultrasound – do they count?

Yummy food: Astro Apple Crumble Yogurt.

Zodiac sign: Virgo

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