This, most likely, won’t be a very long blog entry simply because I was up until 2am last night, then up at 7:30 and, frankly, I don’t function very well on anything less than 7 hours of sleep. Sad, but true. (At least as of late, I am hoping that will change come the nicer weather).

The reason we were up until 2am was because Sandra and Brad came over to play poker, and originally, we had agreed upon a 12:30 quitting time. Except, at about 12:29, Brad went all in, therefore challenging Tay, and Tay, with much rooting from my end to match him, also went in. Bad advice from me, Brad had him beat which left me and Brad in the game (Sandra had gone bust just before midnight). Now, the last time we played poker, it was me and Brad in the final two and Brad smoked me, so last night I was feeling especially competitive. Seems I perked up between the hours of 12:30-2:00am and started playing poker. Not sure what happened in that hour and a half – we see-sawed back and forth on being the chip lead until I went all in on a set of pairs that Brad didn’t even clue in on, and when he called me on it, I cleaned up.

The rest was easy :).

The end result? The pot was $40 (each of us playing $10) and 2nd player walked away with $5 (half their entry feed) with the winner taking a profit of $25. My moola is hidden away – it’s now my poker pot – I figure in about a month I’ll figure out how to spend all my hard-earned cash. Poker anyone?? 🙂


Poker did end up taking precedence over AIdol last night, so therefore, I have yet to see and have no comments thus far. The good news is, we taped it and can therefore wait and watch it just prior to the results show which we’ve also taped. This means, no annoying overnight wait to see who gets pitched and no annoying commercial breaks. And, since Tay has just arrived home from his meeting, I think I will plan on doing exactly that :).

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