Today is the birthday of my beautiful mom :). I called her this evening and we chatted for about an hour while I made dinner – it was one of those long leisurely conversations where we chatted about anything and everything and where I was reluctant to hang up the phone. Mom said that Dad took her to May Garden and she ate too much – I am envious, I love May Garden chinese!! I, of course, sent her card late (in fact, dropped it in the mail today) which is unforgivable but Mom usually laughs at my absentmindedness.

Happy Birthday Mom, love you lots :).

At Long Last…

Last September, Dawn came to TIFF sporting a pair of black Rocket Dog flip-flops that I instantly coveted and have been musting after since then. Yes, I’m obsessed with flip-flops, particularily black ones. My first pair of black flip-flops happened in my late teens – they were a pair of coral reef that were crazy-comfortable (purchased along with a pair of royal & turquoise flip flops that Polar, in later years, grew a fondness for. I still have them, and the soles are still gnawed pretty fierce – they are my laundry flip-flops :). The black pair, however, I do not have any longer as they were too cool – they went missing shortly after I purchased them. Since they’ve never turned up, I’d have to assume that one of the various teens passing through out house at the time had their own fondness for flip-flops and ‘borrowed’ them. I have been searching for years to replace said flip-flops – and after seeing Dawn’s (and wearing them – a best friend will be crazy enough to lend something that the other covets greatly) I went on a mission to own my own. Not as easy as it sounds – Dawn warned me that she bought hers in Vancouver and paid heftily for them, but even that didn’t deter me. After all, in the age of Ebay, anything can be had. And sure enough, after a three day bidding war over a pair of size 8s, I was victorious!

Weekly WeighIn

So I got on the scale Saturday morning to discover that I had lost another 1-2lbs, which means that I am weighing in at 157lbs. This puts my BMI at 24.4, which puts me just slightly in the healthy range, which is very exciting to me. And on Sunday, Tay and I purchased a body-fat analyzer (a hand held scale that, after your record your height and weight, it reveals your body fat percentage). Males in our age range are supposed to be between 8 and 20, for women it’s 21-33. When I checked my body fat over a year ago, I was at a high (and unhealthy) 34%; on Sunday I discovered that I am coming it at about 26.4%, which puts me midrange and I’m pretty pleased to see that I am averaging out! Hoorah!! And while it might sound like I am relying too heavily on numbers, I’ll also say that it would appear as though none of my clothes are fitting – I have definitely dropped a size (if not two) and am having much difficulty with getting dressed in the morning. (Today, I had to safety-pin my pants in two spots to keep them up!! :).

7lbs left!!

Idol Thoughts

~Was disappointed that red-headed Lisa wasn’t given the chance to sing – not sure how Randy can state that she has probably the best voice of the competition but then not bring her back. After discussing with Tay, I have to wonder if she just didn’t have the look they are looking for – which could be why she wasn’t chosen tonight (because she could have won this competition). A shame.

~ Did enjoy John Peter Lewis’s rendition of “Little Less Conversation” and the dancing as well – it amused me :).

~ Resented Leah Labelle’s performance, as I felt during (and afterwards) that it should have been Lisa instead, as she is the better talent.

~Even despite the horrid dress and weird facial expressions, Jennifer definitely outsang them all… she’s got the spunk and the talent to get to where she needs to be.

My predictions for tomorrow’s result show?

Jennifer (Choice vote?), Leah (Paula), Suzy (Simon) and either George or John Peter (Randy).

Daily Dirt

Right here, right now…

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

1. How much is in your wallet right now?$21.

2. Are wearing any undergarment at all right now?Undies under my nightie.

3. Have you washed your hands?Yes – before and after washing my face.

4. Who are you talking to? No one but myself :).

5. What are you thinking of right now? How good bed will feel in mere moments.

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