So I’m currently suffering from a nasty cold that my coworkers have taken the liberty to spread around the office (why don’t people stay HOME when they are verge-of-death-bed sick??), we’re in the middle of our largest fundraiser of the year so I’m working 6 days a week currently, and they’ve all of a sudden decided at work that when our IT person goes on mat leave, that I should be the new IT person (Worth-mentioning: I don’t HAVE the skillset to do IT – if you can figure out the logic here, please let me know). If I wasn’t getting married in May, I could be a downright nasty, unpleasant person.

On a much happier note, it is Oscar night and I will be Oscarcizing on my sofa alongside fellow movie-watcher Tay. I won’t be making any predictions at this time, but will no doubt be providing my snarky commentary within the next day or so.

Weakly Leak

i really love movies. what about you?

how much do you enjoy movies? I love them enough to take a week off work every year to attend TIFF – and that week is filled with movies, sometimes up to five a day!!

what’re your top 3 favorites? I have a hard time maintaining a list of three favorites – my love for Jimmy Stewart keeps Rear Window on the list, Bridges of Madisson County for the raw emotion it evoked in me, and… for just being kickass and original? Kill Bill is up there… but so is Run Lola Run and Fight Club.

are there any movies that you think are a complete waste of film? A lot of movies these days are a waste… big budget comedies/romance with big name stars, yet no original screenplay. The type of movie that goes number 1 and makes multiple millions only because every dimwitted teenager in the world goes to see it because they have no taste.

are there any directors that you are partial to and can depend on for a good movie? Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith for sure, and Clint Eastwood has been coming up with some respectable stuff as well.

what actors & actresses get you to the theatre (even for a bad movie)? Two words. Giovanni Ribisi. (Also, Al Pacino, and (though it’s so typical) Julia Roberts and/or Meg Ryan).

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