So Maybe I’ll Never Salchow But…

We went skating last night, with C&E, who have quickly become our skating buddies (amongst other things, like Karaoke and the Pyramid). I even got new skates, which is very exciting in itself – they’re not as nice as Elisa’s, who got very snazzy ones for Christmas, but they aren’t your boring white figure skates either – in fact, they are a spiffy blue that actually matches quite nicely with my puffy jacket. We had dinner at Moxie’s and then headed over to city hall to skate on the outdoor rink there, and then headed up the street to catch a movie. I’m still learning – maneouvering my way slowly around the rink is the highlight of my skating episodes and I can’t really stop (I just gradually slow down), but I didn’t fall the whole time – though I did come close a couple of times – I’d forget and tip my foot forward and get caught on my toe-pick.

Toe Pick!

I brought along my camera but Tay didn’t trust me not to fall and smash it beneath me, so he was the photographer for the evening – which was fine by me. As usual, you can check out the photos here.

Farewell Sex and the City (No Spoilers…).

Last night was the final episode for SATC on HBO, ending the series after how many years? 6? I’d I’d been growing slightly annoyed/bored by a lot about the show the past couple of seasons, but it’s last season really staged a strong comeback from me and I thoroughly enjoyed each episode leading up to the finale. It was very nice to see all four girls finally grow up and come into their own – my exasperation over their inability to commit throughout the last six years has finally dissolved into pleased satisfaction. And while I feel that it was time for the show to end (perhaps in some ways, it was a year or so too long coming), I was so impressed by the last season that I will miss the series. Fortunately, they’ve captures the years on video, so if I ever get a little lonely for the Manhattan Four, I can rent some episodes and have me some SATC nostalgia :).

Oh yeah, before I forget… we now know Big’s name :).

Weekly WeighIn

So I weighed in to discover that I hadn’t lost any weight last week, which is a bit of a bummer considering that I mostly didn’t cheat. And by mostly, I mean that I had a bite of Kim’s cake at our open house. But c’mon, it was white cake (and for those that don’t know, white cake with sugary icing is a HUGE weakness of mine), and it had buttercream icing, so as part of ‘wedding’ research, I decided that I HAD to try it, in order to know if I should have that on the wedding cake. (And I’m glad I did, because it tasted like..well, butter, which confirmed my decision to have the icing on our wedding cake a blend of butter cream and rosette icing.)

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. No weightloss, which is frustrating but not enough to discourage me. I still have more than 8 weeks of eating healthy and exercising, so I’m just gonna have a little faith.

Weekly Leak

outside of blogging…

do you write creatively (stories, poetry, etc.) or only when you have to? I’ve been known to write a story or two..or three.. or more but I haven’t lately. Just haven’t had that strong burning impulse/inspiration happening and it’s unfortunate, because I’m happiest when I’m writing.

what do you prefer to write? Short stories. They’re less committment and unlike in a novel, you don’t need to know EVERYTHING about your character.

what do you hate to write? Poetry.

what inspires you to write, even in instances when you’re forced? Mostly everyday life. Last night while skating, I got a sneak of a story… and last week, while watching The Apprentice, I began thinking about a story about a girl who goes to work for a Donald-Trump-kind-of-guy only to discover that he only has women on his staff and they all share the same name…only no one knows way because they’re all too nervous around him to ask.

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