Jab, Hook, Jab, KICK!

So I finally got around to going to the boxercise class at the gym tonight and it was kickASS :). I enjoyed myself immensely – it felt good to flurry again :). Of course, I’m definitely feeling it in my butt (we did some kicking!) and for sure in my arms (punching!) and while I’m not sure how I’m going to get up in the early am to do weights (we have our open house tomorrow after work so either I workout in the am or it’s a no go) but it was worth it :). We also did some ab drills which I really felt in all the right places and pushups too, which I seemed to manage ok. Ya!

Thursday night I’m going to try Urban Fitness which is apparently a combination of boxing and kick boxing and some other fun stuff. Hoorah!!

Adventures at the Dollar Store…

So I had to go into the dollar store after class to get some misc stuff for the open house tomorrow (napkins, cutlery, paper plates) and as I walked in, I heard this girl ask the woman behind the counter for baby shower invitations. So as she is being led to them, she further adds, “I want the cheapest ones you have.”

Ummm… You’re in a dollar store. They call it a dollar store for a reason :).

When I finished my shopping, there was a girl ahead of me buying similiar things as myself only her stuff was all metallic silver and baby pink. I got the feeling she was planning a bridal shower – when they rang her stuff up, it came to $79 – ack! I’ve never seen anyone spend more than $20 at the dollar store. (Although, she looked like she had enough loot to entertain 70+ people easy).

But all that silver and pink stuff sure was pretty 🙂 :).

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