We discovered today that someone attempted to commit fraud and steal from our organization. I’m not sure what kind of person (scum) tries to steal from a charity, but I’m convinced they’re the lowest of the low.

Return of Tay

Tay comes home tomorrow – I am very pleased to have him back. His absence this time around was different for me – usually, when Tay goes away, a small part of me is pleased to have the time by myself and unless he is gone for, say, more than a week, I do okay. This time around has been different however – I was missing him by Sunday – less than 24 hours after he had left. I can’t explain this shift but do know for a fact that I want him to come home :).

Probably doesn’t help, either, that I awoke in the middle of the night and was convincd that there was someone standing in the room with me. Scary enough with Tay sleeping alongside me – damn terrifying when I am alone.

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