Weekly Weigh-In

Today is weigh-in-day – last time I weighed in (2 weeks ago) I had gone from 167-164. Last week, when I weighed in, I had only lost 1lb. This week – I lost 3lbs (again) which means that I am down to 160lbs. Woo! I am currently 10lbs away from my desired goal of 150, at which point I will re-evaluate and decide if that is where I want to be.

Last week when I was doing Jody’s birthday present, I was looking through all our old pictures and seeing how small I was in comparison – the biggest difference of course, being through my chest. I have a feeling that losing through my chest is going to be my greatest challenge but I think if I can decrease a cup size then my body fat percentage will also go down.

Of course, in these past 3 weeks of weightloss I have been following our diet very religiously – no cheating at all even though people at work are constantly leaving cookies in the kitchen (the other day it was Tim Horton’s cookies – have I ever mentioned what a HUGE weakness I have for Tim Horton’s cookies??) and it’s really hard to resist the temptation. The other day, there was chocolate chip-macadamia nut cookies on Irene’s desk for the board meeting and I wanted one desperately… Irene first tried telling me that they weren’t very good at all but that didn’t jive with me since there were THREE missing from the tray… so then all she reminded me how lovely I am going to look in my wedding dress. Presto. Magic words 🙂 :).

Of course, now that I was good and DIDN’t cheat, I can enjoy tonight’s 1-Hr-binge-fest guilt-free – and I gotta say, I’m starting to live for these nights of sinful eating.

Gak..my mouth is watering. 🙂

Weigh-In Wednesday… on Weigh-In Saturday :).

Where do you stand on weight related surgery? Are you in favor of it? Why or why not? Do you agree with it in certain circumstances and what are those circumstances? Would do you it if you had to? I think that weight-related surgery should definitely be a final solution – a last resort after everything else has been tried. I think too many people go straight to surgery instead of really giving themselves the benefit of the doubt and at least trying to get to their goal on their own will. But if you take a largely overweight person and they try all kinds of diets and exercise faithfully and they still don’t lose after a considerable amount of time – then obviously, they need help they can’t give themselves. For myself.. I don’t know. The only surgery I would ever consider is a breast reduction – and that would be only if I go small everywhere else but stay the same size through my chest. Because then, not only are you oddly proportioned but it could lead to health problems (ie. your back). But again…it would be a last resort.

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