Long time, no blog :).

I got back to the gym, yesterday – after what most of been a month of slacking off, it felt really good to be there. I’m once again determined to get fit – lose weight, lose inches, lose body fat percentage – and while I say that every year around this time, this year I mean it, and this time around I have a true motivator – being the wedding, of course. Maybe not so specifically the wedding, since my dress fits me the way that I am (I could use a BIT of space ;), but more for the honeymoon – when we hit the pier at Santa Monica, I want to do in bikini-style! 🙂 I plan on resuming recording my weight loss again, including pounds lost and water drank, in addition to a food diary – Tay lost 20lbs on the low-carb diet I came up with for us, I figure I need to give it a serious try (ie. No cheating 🙂 so I’m going to record it all – including the foray into temptation (which I hope to keep at a minimum).

My goal? I’m currently 167 – I want to be 150lbs by May 5th – which is about 4 months from now. 17lbs over 16 weeks is a lb a week – definitely a healthy rate of loss and definitely doable. Go team go! 🙂

My mother called me last night to tell me that one of my aunt’s had gone into the hospital on Thursday to have her gall bladder removed. During the surgery, they accidentally nicked an artery – while she was in recovery, she started to undergo severe internal bleeding – they had to give her 7 units of blood and then go back into to clean up the mess the nick had made. While they were doing that, they accidntally punctured her spleen. Ooops! So then they had to schedule surgery to remove THAT. During the resultant operation, my mother and other aunt waited diligently in the waiting room, never leaving the area unattended (ie. one might have gone for a smoke or tea but never at the same time). After waiting 3 HOURS to find out that my aunt was ok, a nurse finally came out to find them. And what did she say? The surgeon went out to update them only to find no one in the waiting area. Bull!*&$ingshit. My aunt is fine now, (they did have her in ICU) but she’s now in a room and doing well, despite her pain and discomfort, but it’s scary because she so easily could have died. Goddamn butchers!

I hope my aunt sues the hospital and gets millions.

On Friday, Ashley and I had lunch together at the Zellers Diner – surprisingly good food, at not-surprisingly good prices (Com’on, it’s Zellers :). Just after we placed our order, a little kid across the diner started to cry – I don’t know how old she was, maybe 18 mths, and looking over I saw her struggling to get out of her highchair. I watched for a minute, expecting the mother to let her out, therefore terminating the crying that had now become fullblown screaming. No such luck. I turned back to Ashley to try and resume our conversation, but couldn’t – the screaming that was consuming the entire diner made it too difficult to talk much less form any form of cohesive thought. Looked back at the mother/kid combo, and saw the mother watching all of us as we watched her. Here’s the kicker though – while I expected (a reasonable expecatation, I might add) for the mother to look embarassed or apologetic, she instead was grinning as if to say, hey, isn’t this funny? My kid is screaming her head off because she doesn’t want to get out of her chair, and well, I can’t be bothered to give in to her because Hey, I’m here having lunch too and I can’t be bothered to hold her in my lap, because really, I’m just too damn selfish, and while we’re at it, I’d rather ruin all of your lunches than to ruin MINE. It took everything I had not to get up and go over there and not scoop that poor kid from her chair. I didn’t so much mind the kid screaming – most kids will sit in the chair and eat, and when they’re done, they want out so they can go play – and most likely if they are at home, that’s what happens. What bothered me was the mother letting her kid cry like that, the fact that she was able to sit there and watch her daughter scream until she was red in the face and laugh about it. The mom’s solution? A bit of coaxing to be good, then some Pepsi (ya, Pepsi) and then a cookie. Not going to work – she wanted OUT. The kid screamed for about 15 minutes until finally, the (I assume) grandmother had enough and pulled her out of the chair. And what do we think happened? The kid stopped crying. Go figure.

The new (and final) season of Sex and the City started last week – there kicking off a very short season that consists of 7 episodes before they call it an end. As far as I can tell, it’s about time (probably was about time 3 seasons ago). Carrie has become annoying, Samantha is becoming a sad (and slightly) pathetic old and Miranda and Charlotte while still interesting and refreshing (they’ve moved away from meaningless sex and are cohabitating and reproducing), don’t get enough airtime. The writers of this show seem to think that it’s insanely funny to find a word for Carrie to exageratedly pronounce and then they have her say it over and over again until you want to jump through the screen and throttle her. The first time they made her do this, it grated on my nerves but I forgave it. This time, there’s no excuse – it’s LAME. (The word this time is “luuuuuuuvaaaaa.” As in, I’m going to take a lover. Only it’s luuuuuuuvaaaaa.) I used to be a huge fan of the show – I got quite a few people watching it – because when it first came out it was daring, and edgy and it centered on issues that most shows didn’t. But it didn’t do anything to maintain it’s edge, and over the years, it’s become mundane and predictable. Unfortunate, really.

Pet Peeve of the Day?

Carrie Bradshaw ;).

Daily Dirt

Bare naked…

Sunday, January 11, 2004

I will offer you $10,000…

1. Will you spose naked for my magazine? Nope – but if you’ve got $100K, give me a call :).

2. Will you tattoo my name on your body? See above answer :).

3. Will you marry someone I pick? Not a chance :).

4. Will you buy me something nice? Sure!

5. What do you want to do with it actually? Pay for Vegas, baby!

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