I have to confess… my life has become overrun with wedding talk. The good news? Everything’s done – which means life as I know it can resume.

If you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, you’ll have to wade through the wedding blither over at Confessions of A Bride.

Definitely Worth Mentioning:

Dawn encouraged me to visit Daily Dirt, where I normally go to check out the meme. So I went.


(If you know me AT ALL, you know what THUMP means — go there to check out the latest Giovanni-ism :).

Daily Dirt

(From January 1)

1. Throw away ONE item from your wardrobe, what’ll it be? Throw something away? Huh? Umm…maybe the jeans that have holes worn through in the bum :).

2. Buy something from a supermarket, what’ll it be? Loblaws Indian Butter Chicken (their new frozen entree)

3. Deposit money in your bank, how much will it be?$300

4. Call someone right now, who will it be? Hrrmmmm…. one of my sisters?

5. Say something to me right now, what’ll it be? Giovanni! *Thump*

Will now attempt to compose myself so I can blog about wedding – while doing so, does that mean I should be thinking about Tay and not HIM?

Again, one more time, for good measure: *THUMP*

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