Happy New Year!!

My goals for 2004 include:

1. Living better by eating healthier and exercising more

2. Participating in and complete the Milton Women’s Super Sprint Triathalon

3. Writing more

4. Learning to appreciate my career for what it IS rather than what it ISN’T.

5. Taking advantage of each and every day.

A Happening New Year’s Eve

Sandra came over last night for a bit – she’s decided she wants to spend more time with me (I’ll refrain from the eyebrow raise, therefore giving her the benefit of the doubt 😉 so we ended up ordering pizza, watching S.W.A.T and then playing Karaoke Revolution. Err, rather, Tay and I played, Sandra watched. Unlike me, who has overcome my self-concious shyness regarding my sub-par singing voice, Sandra wasn’t interested in submitting herself to her imagine humiliation. Too bad. Tay has acknowledged that I am improving, I was pleased with my somewhat-wobbly renditions of Cher’s Believe and Norah Jones’s Don’t Know Why.

At 11 I took Sandra over to Sq1 so she could grab the GO, and head back downtown to meet Brad at work; I came home and watched An Evening with Kevin Smith with Tay and then we watched the 2003 World Poker Series until 5 in the morning. You might think that watching poker can be boring… but wait until you see a rookie cardplayer go all in with over 2million dollars in poker chips on a nothing hand.

Sidenote: Tay and I have been casually discussing a regular poker game at our place; if you live in the area and are interested in throwing around some cards, stay tuned ;).

Nothingness Continued

Staying awake until 5 left me in pretty rough shape – as a result I slept until 1, got up, had some lunch, read some of my book and fell asleep on the couch around 3. That’s right, 2 hours getting up, I was napping ;). Being the start of a new year and all, I was trying damn hard to stay away from the remaining sweets in the house… ended up coming down (crashing) from my sugar-induced high from the holidays – the resulting headache was nightmarish. Tay and I ended up watching Battle of Shaker Heights (the HBO Project Greenlight) and I only have 5 words – Thank God they had Shia. I’ve liked him in the couple of flicks I’ve seen him in (Holes, Charlie’s Angels FT – yes, I admit to seeing that ;), and he’s got that talent vibe happening for him bigtime. Felt bad for him having to work under those tools Efram and Kyle, but kudos to him for carrying a resulting not-so-good movie.

C&E then showed up for a surprise visit, Tay I were in pajamas (errr..I hadn’t bothered getting dressed) and I was sporting pigtails (yes, my hair goes into pigtails, albeit very tiny pigtails). We had flavored teas, chatted a bit, and then C&E headed on home as Elisa has to work tomorrow at the bank. Tay and I rounded out the evening by watching E’s 101 Celebrity Goofups (Gigli came in at number 1) and then we watched the World Idol wrap-up – Ya, that Norwegian guy so kicked Kelly Clarkson’s ass!)

“They want to know what we’re doing here.”

The other night, I apparently woke Tay from a deep sleep and said to him, (in a very awed tone of voice) “They want to know what we’re doing here.” I have no recollection of saying such a thing – Tay, who was (understandably) a little freaked by said comment, checked and noticed that the closet door was wide open. My parasomnia had sunk in, and we’ve realized that it only happens when I leave the closet door open. Can’t really explain it expect, I sleep facing the closet door, which is only a couple of feet away, and if the door is open, it becomes (to my twisted mind) a doorway to weird and sometimes frightening things. So now I close it at night. Tay thinks I read too much – and blames SK.

Wednesday Whatever

1. Who has had the greatest impact on your life? Explain.Tay. When we were going through our long-distance relationship, we decided that in order to survive, we needed to agree to always consider each other’s feelings when making decisions. It’s become the foundation of our relationship and served us well – the fact that I consider how Tay would feel as a huge impact on my life as a result.

2. What is your incentive to wake up every morning? The fact that it’s a brand new day is enough for me :).

3. What confuses you about the opposite sex? LOL…Take this Lisa Simpsons quote instead:”He’s not like anybody I’ve ever met. He’s like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest.”

What’s On right Now?

What’s NOT On your ‘New Year’s resolutions’ list Right Now? This year, I resolve to not do without the simple pleasures in life. By that, I mean chocolate ;).

Okay… off to do some wedding-blog :).

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