Top Headline:
Captured Saddam Faces Tough Interrogation

“He was just caught like a rat.”

Enough said.

Good Girl
Felt pretty good about the outcome of Survivor tonight – I didn’t really care who won as long as it wasn’t Jon or Lill since I despised them both… a lot of people didn’t really like Sandra but she didn’t bother me – I kind of liked her in fact, for how she spoke her mind and her edge that she maintained. I don’t know that she deserved to win, but she deserved it more than Lill (who is a twit) so there you go.

Also worth mentioning (briefly) was the big debate about Lill and her wearing her boy scout uniform and how she shouldn’t have been tied to that… I guess here’s my thing – a uniform is something that you wear to represent who you are – and when you wear it freely, you have to accept the associations that your doing so just naturally creates. Her wearing that uniform and then lying and acting immorally can be seen as being hypocritical… it’s just not something you do, IMO. I’m glad she seems to realize that she should never have brought that aspect of her life into it. And ya it was just a game, but when you’re dealing with the idealogy that a organization like the Boy Scouts works so hard to promote… that’s not something you can be free to misrepresent.

Montreal And Back Again
Montreal ended up being more fun that I expected – we ended up leaving Toronto at 4:30 – arrived at 9:30. Had breakfast at Eggspectations, then off to do some shopping. Welll…C&E had shopping to do, we kind of followed them around for a bit. As usual, I got frustrated pretty quickly shopping and not able to buy anything – but I had no money and money from tomorrow’s pay goes towards buying a couple more Christmas gifts… I kept seeing things at Simon’s that I wanted – and Elisa and Jackie kept telling me to buy it, buy it. I didn’t want to tell them that I didn’t have the money to splurge… cause I didn’t want them to feel guilty for dragging me around with them…anyhow I lasted a couple of hours and then I got bored – suggested to Tay that we catch a movie instead. So we did – saw Stuck On You – comments to follow. After the movie we hooked up with C& E again (J&D went and saw Kill Bill – after much encouragement from us, and they came out raving about the movie, of course, it kicks ASS – we were tempted to see it a THIRD time in fact) and we ended up doing some shopping up St. Catherine’s. Tay ended up buying me a shirt at San Francisco – a 3floor store filled with Mexx, Esprit, DKNY etc. I think he felt badly that I was so broke and unable to buy anything myself. The shirt is beautiful however, it’s a pale peachy pink with a sharp collar, wide cuffs and cool buttons – and a size 10 :). We had dinner after that in a quiet restaurant on St. Catherin’s – soft lights and Esthero-like music set the tone. We ended up leaving Montreal around 8 – got into Toronto at 1am. We’re crazy ya, but it was fun. I liked Montreal more this time round (I hated it when i was there last) and am already entertaining the idea of a weekend shopping trip there in the spring.

O Christmas Tree
This afternoon, C&E, Irene and Renu & Family came to decorate the tree. It had been snowing pretty heavily earlier that day yet all three made the trip over slippery roads and through much traffice. It meant a lot to me to have this group of friends over – they’re all so different yet the same in that they are all such good, good people and I love them so very much.

Poor Jagrit kind of got lost in the crowd – he spent a lot of time going between his parents and me. There’s something about this kid that makes me love him so much – I guess it’s his attachment and affection for me and the purity of it. I loved how he would struggle with Renu to come to me, or how he would bury himself in my chest when others were near. Spending time with Jago reinforces in me my own need to have children – and how much I can give to them. I can’t wait for that time to come :).

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