So things have been pretty crazy since we moved – Tuesday I had a bit of a meltdown with all the constant unpacking of the office and really not getting any support from the rest of the staff. Vented a bit to the new Development Manager – she sensed pretty quick that I was at my breaking point. Fact of the matter is that it’s damn unfair for everyone else to be going along with their work and leaving me to unpack – then expecting that they can come to me and ask me for stuff while stuff continues to pile up on my desk. So ya, I was pissed off. Anyhow, after speaking to Stephanie, about 10 minutes later I had a handle of people begging to help me. That’s right – don’t piss me off or no reports for you!!!

If that wasn’t enough… found out that our database has been corrupted – when we upgraded to new computers, the database wasn’t linked properly – I am missing about a month of updates prior to our move. We can recover that data but it means scrapping all the updates we’ve done since the move – probably about a week’s worth of work. My life keeps getting better and better. Argh.

This Show is Pissing Me Off.
Jon is an asshole, I physically am repulsed by him – he makes me want to puke. All the girls are stupid, naive idiots, they are like lambs being led to the slaughter – in fact, they all deserve to lose because they haven’t a clue how to win the game. Lil thinks she’s gonna win on strategy. Bah. Twit. Right now, the only person really playing the game is Burton – he could win, I’d be okay with that – or even Darrah – her subtlty in the past is ruling in her favor and she seems to be a strong contender. I’d rather her win than any of the other girls, and probably her over Burton. Tay told me that Rupert is going to be included in the Alumni-Survivor – YAY Rupert – best damn player this game has ever seen.

Is Santa Claus Real?
Couple of weeks ago, Jayant and I wrote letters to Santa – yesterday at work, I wrote a reply from Santa, sealed it in an envelope with his full address and stamped it. When I picked Jagrit up, I told Jayant that it was on the doorstep. Him and Renu were both very curious – Renu was helping him open the letter – when she saw that it was from Santa she let out this shriek – her surprise was fantastic. Jayant was very excited – his first real letter – he was so impressed that Santa would write back to him. He said that he would bring the letter to school and show everyone – that he had now had proof that Santa is real. I guess some of the kids at school have been telling him that Santa is fake – that parents bring the gifts. These kids are stupid, most of them aren’t even from here and have yet to have any understanding of our customs and traditions. I am so glad that Renu is trying to teach her children our history and our customs so that they understand and can grow to accept some of our customs as their own – until people start to do that, we’ll always be seperated by our cultures and traditions, etc. When Jayant asked me if Santa was real, I explained that if you believed in Santa, then he is real – and he brings you gifts. If you don’t believe in Santa, then he can’t be bothered to bring you presents and he just lets your parents bring them. He seemed okay with that answer. I told Renu later that I really don’t want his peers to make fun of him for believing in Santa and I wonder if I am wise to lead him down this path – but I know how important the idea of Santa was to me as a kid and I really want Jayant to share some of that magic… and I think he is – his glee yesterday was proof of that :).

The Last!
(Jody and Dawn both did this – I might as well too!)

last car ride: Driving home from work this evening.
last kiss: In the kitchen, with Tay.
last good cry: Can’t remember
last movie seen: Pirates of the Caribbean
last cuss word uttered: !@#$ You to the guy behind me who impatiently honked at me when I stalled the Civic. (I seem to curse a lot when I am driving :).
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: Popcorn
last crush: Kyan 🙂
last phone call: My mom
last tv show watched: Survivor
last time showered: This morning before work
last shoes worn: My black leather boots – the ones that go to just below my knees.
last cd played: Portishead (Dummy)
last item bought: Christmas present for Tay (online shopping rocks!)
last downloaded: MSN while at work
last annoyance: Survivor
last disappointment: Survivor
last soda drank: Diet Coke at lunch on Tuesday
last thing written: My blog, previously, email to coworkers
last word spoken: Uh-huh (My response to Tay presenting me with yet ANOTHER gift idea).
last sleep: Snoozed on the sofa this evening while Tay played PS2
last weird encounter: Hrrrrm… Dunno?
last time amused: Few minutes ago – Tay came in telling me it was past my bedtime
last time wanting to die: Never.
last time in love: Now.
last underwear worn: Plain white spandex/cotton blend.
last shirt worn: White Evan Picone dress shirt
last time dancing: In the kitchen
last poster looked at: Pulp Fiction (on the wall behind me)
last show attended: Theatre – can’t remember… Movie? Bad Santa


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