Quote of the Day:
“If only it wasn’t 4 in the morning…”

Song of the Day:
Express Yourself, Madonna

Grumblin’ Granny’s
On Friday, I had made plans to spend the day with Irene up in Campbellville – doing some shopping and then having lunch at the tearoom she frequents. After getting to bed last night at 4am, all I really wanted to do today was sleep. But when Irene called me this morning at 10:30, she talked me into going, and I’m so glad I did. Campbellville is small and quaint – and beautiful, just the type of place that I would love to live in. The weather was perfect, a crisp fall/winter day – I was comfortable in a heavy sweater, my denim skirt and boots. The stores that are there have beautiful finds – I browsed for a long time in a couple of places – and did some Christmas shopping. Bought Dawn’s gift – which was plaguing me, but upon entering a couple of shops it suddenly became much easier. I’m excited :). Afterwards, Irene and I went to Lott’s and Lots for lunch – it’s a tearoom housed in someone’s home – you walk through the door and you are in the middle of their own kitchen. If you use the washroom – it’s upstairs – there’s a bathtub. I have a lot of fun going out with Irene – she often tells me that I am like the daughter she never had – and I tell her she is like my surrogate Mom. It’s nice because I do things with Irene that I never got to do with my own mother – being 1 of 5 children, one-on-one time was pretty rare, and of course, now that I am older, I am away from home and unable to have that quality time with my mom on a regular basis. So I enjoy my time with Irene. While we were having lunch, I noticed this woman at the next table watching us interact – and the way she was looking at us made me think that she thought we were indeed mother and daughter.

When we walked back through town dusk was just starting to fall and the tranquility there was so mesmorizing – we walked along this road that a river ran alongside. Across the river, up on the hill, there was an old cemetery with an old brick building behind it. And with the sun setting and the sky a pinkish-red, at that moment I was sure that there was no where else on earth so perfect.

It’s My Life
Yesterday, Renu and I spent sometime together shopping – it was good to get her out of the house – she’s been dealing with a lot of crap lately and I have been feeling bad for her. She told me that she is envious of my life – it’s funny how we can want what other people have – I am often envious of the stability in her life – her children, her marriage, her home. On our way home from the mall we decided to stop in and see Helen, who is now 4+ months pregnant and recently laid off. As we sat there chatting with Helen, it was a reality check to me – about how good my life is right now and how, sometimes, I forget that.

Daily Dirt
1. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to anyone? I gave one of my sisters carpet burn on her face once – I can admit now that wasn’t very nice.
2. Have you yelled at your parents before?Not often, but yes. I remember doing my women studies minor in university – and after a few feminism courses, yelling at my father about how I wasn’t a docile woman he could control. He didn’t know what hit him :).
3. Have you beaten up someone before? I remember beating up my friend Jason when we were probably 7. He called me a stupid girl, I gave him a bloody nose.
4. Have you made anyone cry?Yes :(.
5. What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve done?I moved out when I was 19 – despite much resistance from my parents. When I moved to BC a few years later, that was actually easier. Not really rebellious, I know, but I don’t really have that Born to be Wild streak happening :).

Sunday Brunch
1. How many people and pets live in your home? Just me and Tay and two fish. (Arturro Jr. and Nelson :).
2. Do you rent, own or live at home? Rent, unfortunately. We’d much rather own.
3. How many rooms are in your house? Not counting bathrooms, 8.
4. Is there enough room in your house to comfortably accommodate overnight guests? Easily – I’d say we could accomodate up to 4 guests.
5. How close do your neighbors live? Do you know them well and are they welcome in your home? About 10 feet away. I don’t care to know them and doubt they’ll ever step foot in this house. *mrow*

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