Song of the Day:
One Week, Barenaked Ladies

Quote of the Day:
“Our Beatles are much better than your precious Rolling Stones,” Homer to the Queen of England :).

So our move happened Friday – today, we all wandered into a new office. However, I had gone in yesterday to help Kim setup some computers – she called me Saturday night to see if I could help. As I was contemplating going Sunday morning, Tay volunteered to come with me – he figured if he came and helped, the sooner I would get out of there :). So I had the opportunity before a lot of others to see the office – and this therefore gave me the opportunity to see my cublicle hell and realize that they took my much bigger desk and gave me a desk that my (17″) monitor would barely fit on. Hrrrrm. So this gave me the opportunity to realize how much our new space was going to suck and I therefore dwelled on it the rest of Sunday. I went in this morning, guns drawn, ready to declare war with everyone that had decent office space. I contained myself as long as possible – but people could tell I wasn’t pleased and as I was sitting at my desk in an obvious annoyed state, Cathy overheard my issues. And to give her credit – she took action immeditately to soothe me. (She moved me to a different cubicle with a much bigger desk, still insuring that I was near Irene).

Anyhow, the rest of the day was filled with looking for stuff and then tackling the daunting task of unpacking all my closure files into the archives. (We have over twenty years of files, 2 sets each – some in order, most not. I want to kill myself. By the time I got home today, I was sooo utterly exhausted I was near tears – I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner and slept for almost three hours. Soon as I finish with my blog, I’m heading to bed.

I can’t wait for this week to be over.

Chickity China the Chinese Chicken
C&E came for dinner yesterday – they were in Mexico for Thanksgiving and before they left, Caius was talking about how he’d been craving my turkey dinner – so we told them that after they came back, we’d have them over for a belated Thanksigiving dinner, or an American Thanksgiving dinner as it turned out (seeing how the US celebrate this Thursday). So after dinner, we decided to do some karaoke – and one of the things we did was we each got to pick a song, and then everyone HAD to sing it (Caius picked Wind Beneath My Wings, LOL). Anyhow, as a joke, I picked One Week by BNL because I know how fast the song is and how difficult it would be to sing it…. and Ya, it was – the words sped across the screen so fast you could barely read it. Here’s the kicker though – it was the one song that I kicked ass on :). Apparently, I have similiar pitch and/or tone as the guy from BareNaked Ladies. Of course, I didn’t get all the words out but if you mumble to the song, the game thinks that you are following along (it judges you on pitch, not on accuracy – it’s a lot harder than you think except for Elisa, who is our little songbird :).

Other songs in my repertoire? Kiss Me and Bizarre Love Triangle :).

Bart: “… her hair smells like red Froot Loops.”
Lisa: Yeah? Well I eat Froot Loops for breakfast.

From “Bart’s Girlfriend”
Got a call from the research company today – they’ve asked me to attend another focus group. This time, we’re talking about cereals. It’s two hours and I’ll get paid $60. I’m determined there could be a career in focus groups 🙂 :).

I like:

Monday Madness
1. How many books have you read in the past year?Not sure – 17 so far from Oprah’s list and then probably another dozen.. So I guess 30(ish).
2. What book should be banned based on its boring subject matter? I hate a lot of Mary Higgins Clark – it’s pretty trite. I also tried reading this stupid novel by Judith Krantz and it was awful. The worst boring books are books that are about nothing at all.
3. What book should be (or should have been) on the ‘best seller’ list but wasn’t? Whited Sepulchers :).
4. What time of the day do you do most of your reading? Usually at the gym in the morning, then after work before (and while) making dinner.
5. If you were to write a book, what would be its title? In my head there lives this novel that I’ve been playing with on and off for the past year… I refer to it as The Song of Seagulls but I dunno if I’d ever use it :). Click here for a (rough) excerpt.

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