Song of the Day:
Big Yellow Taxi, Counting Crows
Quote of the Day:
“We really have a lot of fun together,” Jayant to me, while playing cards.

Workout: Upper body weights (Back, shoulders & biceps), abs & obliques, cardio (30 minutes, bike).
Water intake: 2 Ltrs

I almost didn’t make it to the gym this morning – I was pretty sore from packing and moving boxes yesterday, but I made myself go. It was raining out too, which sucked, and then I had to put gas in the car because it was on EMPTY and the rain was falling flat so I was getting wet regardless. By the time I got to the gym I was in a wet mood for sure, but I felt better once I worked out.

How Badly Does My Job Suck?
Cathy called me today, asking how I would feel about working 10 to 7 tomorrow. I paused before responding, trying to register what she was saying. Then I asked her to repeat herself. So she did. Sometimes, Cathy’s thought process is a little too quick for her mouth – and things get jumbled. The rest of the phone call went as follows:

Me: “You want me to work from 10 until 7?” (Possible, as we are moving on Friday – I expected Thursday to be an abnormal day).
Cathy: “No. Ten to seven. 6:50 am.”
Me: (Long pause, then suspicion) “Will I get to leave early?”
Cathy: “Sure.”
Me: “Okay… Um why?”
Cathy: “I need you at the new office for first thing in the morning. I’ll fill you in later.”
Me: (Further suspicion) “Okay…”
Cathy: “Don’t worry, it involves firemen.”

End of call.

Apparently, I need to be at our new office tomorrow morning to let in seven (SEVEN) firefighters. Under my direction, they will be moving furniture. That’s right. I’m going to spend an hour or so tomorrow supervising firefighters. FIREFIGHTERS.

I hate my job 🙂 :).

Gold Fish
Spent the evening at Renu’s – Tay had a meeting and Jai was supposed to be at his night class (but he came home early) so I after I picked Jago up I went to Renu’s to hang out. Jayant and I spent most of the evening playing cards – I taught him Go Fish (He thought it was gold fish at first) then I taught him 7 Up and then Snap. 7 Up was right up his alley, we had a tournament which he won, then we played Snap. He liked that a lot, considering how high energy it was. At one point he only had one card left and his hand was in the air, poised and ready, shaking in anticipation. We laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes :).

I have a hard time leaving Renu’s lately, Jago is making it difficult for me to just go. Tonight, as I was putting on my boots, he pretty much climbed up my leg, forcing me to pick him up. So I stood there with one boot on and one off :). When I leave, if I stand on the landing to Renu’s stairs, he will hurl himself off the top step, knowing that I will catch him. Poor Renu, her hurt seems to stop everytime he does that :). I told Renu that if her sisters ever come to visit they will hate me – because of the attention that Jago gives me :).

On the News…
Massachusetts courts have ruled in favor of same sex marriages… stating that to not do so is unconstitutional. Ontario was acknowledged as having set a good example regarding this issue – today, I am definitely proud to be Canadian.

(Those poor yanks – how must it feel to have your country led by a total monkey-faced ass??? )

Seventh Heaven
01. Have you ever had a surprise party? Well…I through myself a surprise party on my 18th birthday. I invited everyone personally and told them that I didn’t know about it. And then, this year, Renu was going to try and have a surprise party for me and I foiled her plans. Oops.
02. What makes someone lame? Umm.. people who litter? I dunno, it’s a geek-question ;).
03. What do adults do that you will never do? Pretend to be something they’re not.
04. What do children/teens do that you would have never done? Talk back to their elders.
05. Forever young…do you want to be forever young? I am forever young. Tay and I have agreed that I am seven.
06. Do you really want to live forever? Nope.
07. What could make you so happy right now that you would cry and laugh and sing? The lottery? 🙂

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