Song of the Day:
Kiss Me, Sixpence None The Richer
Quote of the Day:
“I’m sorry, I’m a little tied up now. Give me your home number and I’ll call you back later… Oh, you don’t like being called at home? Well, now you know how I feel.” Jerry’s response to a telemarketer on Seinfeld. 🙂

Workout: Gym yesterday, again today. Yesterday’s rigorous activity included two more hours Christmas shopping and then weights at the gym (Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Abs & Obliques). Today was spent packing boxes at work, then Weights (Triceps & Chest), Abs& Obliques, Cardio (10minutes, stair, 10minutes bike).
Water Intake: Plenty :).

Today, I wore my new black Guess T-shirt that I got last week (50% off!), and Gap jeans that are getting baggy and was having a “’re hot!” kind of day :). I welcomed it, more and more I’ve been feeling kinda blah about how I look, but the past few days have been a steady incline. So I’m enjoying it. Not sure if it’s the low-carbs kicking in or what, I still haven’t really lost anything, but my energy levels are up and what that’s happening, I always feel better :). So YaY me :).

Officially Smitten

Let me introduce you. This is Kyan. He’s a Fab Five from Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. I would quite easily agree to bear his children.

Need I say more?? He’s just swooped onto my Friends Five – regardless of whether or not he’s truly gay. (I can accept that I may be in denial).

What Else?
Today, while having lunch with Irene, we watched from the window as an older man and woman approached their truck parked in the parking lot. From the back the man pulled a wooden foot stool, opened the passenger door, and set the stool down beside the truck. The woman stepped up on the stool and then into the truck. He returned the step stool into the back and joined her in the truck.

Love is everywhere.

And Christmas
Talked a long time this evening with my mother – trying to get from her what she wants for Christmas. Of course, she slipped in wanting me to come home for Christmas. Same as last year. Doesn’t matter that I keep inviting them to our place and they’ve no interest in coming. I believe my Dad’s reasoning last year was, “I like to have Christmas at home.” Me too, Dad, me too. Anyway, it’s easier now, with Sandra being up here, but with her living with Brad, we will see. It’s hard because I do miss my family at Christmas, but over the years, Tay and I have created our own traditions and I very much love the Christmas that we share together. I understand how my mom feels and part of me feels bad… but part of me also understands that I belong here. With each passing year, we’re creating traditions with even Renu and her family – and showing them how magical Christmas is does wonders for my soul – it makes me believe again.

Dear Santa
Yesterday I went for lunch at Renu’s – afterwards, Jayant and I wrote our letters to Santa Claus. Renu was teasing me, asking me if I write a letter every year and I said no, this was my first in many years, but as I wrote alongside Jayant I remembered those years laboring over my letter, after having gone ever-so-carefully through the Sears Xmas Wish Book. I think Jayant had fun – we had Christmas stationary, and Christmas pencils and stickers too. I bet Santa will be duly impressed :).

Sunday Brunch

1. The first car I ever drove was a…First car I drove was my parents mini-van. First car that I owned that I drove was the Integra.
2. My dream car is…I’m quite fond of the Lexus IS300. In yellow, of course :).
3. Can you drive a vehicle with a stick shift? If yes, how long did it take you to learn?Yes. And it felt like forever, but was really maybe 4 1hr sessions on our block.
4. What is the fastest you have ever driven?At least 140, maybe 150. (km/hr ;).
5. How many people you have crammed into a vehicle at one time? Not many at all.

Monday Madness
1. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, when will you be starting? I’ve started, and am probably 1/3rd done :).
2. What are your favorite holiday goodies (baked goods, etc.)? My mom and I discussed this this evening> I’ve put in my request – macaroons, nanimo bars, peanut butter balls, molasses cookies, shortbread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I asked for a sampler though – meaning half a dozen of each ;).
3. Do you decorate for Christmas? Inside, outside or both? When will you be putting your decorations up?We do a bit both outside and in. Our wreaths, lights and garland will probably go up around the 30th of November. My tree-decorating party is the 14th, the other indoor decorations will come out at that time.

37 days until Christmas!!

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