Quote of the Day:

“Are you sure your parents aren’t cousins?” – Tay to me, after we realized I can’t bend just my pinkie finger :).

Song of the Day:

The Chokin’ Kind, Joss Stone


Workout: Wednesday -> Upper body weights (Back, biceps, shoulers), Abs&Obliques, Cardio (10 minutes stair climber, 10 minutes, bike)

Water Intake: Let’s just say I’m hydrated 🙂 :).

I worked out yesterday, even though it was a struggle to get out of bed. It’s getting harder and harder to get motivated – the dark sky and the threat of cold makes it all that easier to bury into my blankets. This morning, I would have gone, but rain and wind hitting my bedroom window at 90km/hr convinced to not go. So I slept instead :). I might go this evening – we have a window between 9:30 and 11 where there is nothing to watch, so I think I will aim to go then.

Freaky Weather

Yesterday, around 5:30, we got a crazy thunder and lightning – but not that much rain really. I was at Renu’s when the storm hit – Jayant and I sat at the kitchen table with the blinds pulled so we could watch the storm. It was pretty cool – even more so because Jayant was pretty excited and very inquisitive. All this type of stuff is still so new to him – he always has questions and stuff. He’s such a smart kid and so curious about so much. Renu mentioned that he is talking back to her more these days, and really, it’s not so much that he is talking back, he is just expressing himself more. An example was Jayant telling Renu that he doesn’t understand why she has to get so mad at him. When Renu replied that she worked all day, she is very tired, his response was that “Everybody’s tired.” He’s a damn smart kid. We were talking about his upcoming birthday – which is next Saturday, he will be seven. He informed me that since I missed his 6th birthday at Chucky Cheese last year, I should really come to this party. He says he is going to set up all kinds of play areas and he is going to be IN CHARGE. He also wants his mother to give everyone four choices of what to have for dinner and then there could be a vote. Hmmm…can we say politician?? 😉 Oh yeah, apparently, I am PROBABLY going to buy him a Batman action figure. I am not sure if that is what he wants, or what he just thinks I will get him.

On the weekend, I am going to their place so that we can write our letters to Santa. Jayant is very excited – he has his list in his head already. At the top of the list is 3 packs of some kind of cards – you can buy them at Walmart, they are apparently 50 cents each. I don’t know how I will afford a buck fifty at Christmas ;).

Speaking of Christmas…

I have started making mental lists in my head for Christmas. My list of people is growing – this year, I have about 14 people to buy for. I have a feeling that where possible, I will be doing my shopping at the Bay/Zellers and using my credit card. There are only 3 more pays until Christmas!!

I have also been toying with the idea of sponsoring a family this year – here at work we have a holiday giving program where we assist families in need. Usually, it’s single parents who have numerous kids and are unable to provide them with a Christmas. I remember working the phones last Christmas and getting calls from Mom’s who were desperate for help – it was three days before, they thought they’d be able to manage but they had no gifts at all, no tree, no Christmas dinner. Our job is to get people to sponsor people in similiar situations so that these kids have something on Christmas day. Anyhow.. I’m not sure what the cost will be and whether or not I can afford it – if anyone wants to take part in this with me, let me know. I think if a few people did it, then a family in need could have a really nice Christmas. Last year, one boy wrote us a letter thanking us for his gifts. He said, “And thank you for the Maple Leafs Jersery, which will remind us who will win the Stanley Cup.”

The Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. If you were offered a 60-second slot during the Superbowl to say or promote anything you wanted, how would you use that time? I would promote a charity – most likely ours. I’ve been helping out with intake the past week and it’s heart breaking to hear about the kids that need our help and uplifting to hear about the kids that have received our help.

2. Besides the Thursday Thumb Twiddler, what else did you think would last longer than it did? This-or-that Tuesday. It was my favorite. I was so disappointed when it ended not long after I discovered it.

3. If you could say good-bye to someone you never got a chance to, who would it be.

My Nan.

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