Quote of the Day:

“Well, we can’t all be Tawny.” – Ashley’s response to Cathy mentioning wanting my curls and cleavage ;).

Song of the Day:

It’s My Life , No Doubt


Workout: Nada, (unless you count being on my feet for about 4 hours at the gala ;).

Water Intake: Between yesterday and today – I’d say a gallon :).

Tay has lost close to ten pounds in the past two weeks on our low-carb diet :). So far, I have lost none :(. We’re not sure why he is losing and I am not, it could be this diet is a drastic change to his diet (no doritoes, no regular pop etc.) whereas the change to my diet is probably less drastic. (Tho, Halloween candy probably didn’t help much). I’m not yet discouraged, and am happy to see Tay getting results. Let’s see what happens in the next week or so :).


I wore my Guess top and long skirt and had people staring at my boobage all night. I didn’t really care much, except for when I felt like a bug under a microscope ;). Mostly it seemed to be the women actually, and from what Cathy said, I would have to assume they were admiring glances. I wonder if the ‘less-endowed’ women know I would trade with them in a second. The gala itself was fairly annoying – a lot of standing around, waiting for things to happen, annoying people drinking lots but not spending money. We don’t care much if they drink lots, just as long as they spend. And they didn’t. We live-auctioned a ride to school in a million dollar fire truck with guaranteed media coverage and a photo on the front page of the newspaper and it only went for $800. A gourmet dinner prepared by the firefighters for 10 women went for $1400. Sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider what these people bank, it was disappointing. I bid on and won a $50 Costco gift certificate – and paid $50 :). At least the money will go to us 🙂 :).

Serenity Spa

Warning: Lavish descriptions follow; not suitable for those prone to jealousy ;).

Arriving just before 11, I was shown to a lounge with a sofa, armchairs and a fireplace. Irene was there waiting, already filling out her paperwork. Shortly after, a girl came and showed us into a room (with a shower) where we could change into our robes and flip flops – we locked our belongings in the lockers provided and returned to the lounge to wait for our estheticians. If you view the link included in my heading, you will some some photos of the spa – the armchairs are in the lounge (we sat there by the fireplace to eat our lunch). There is a photo of a blond girl in a sauna – I am pretty sure that was my esthetician, her name is Leanne :).

The Massage

Leanne came to get me shortly after and led me down the corridor to the private room for my massage. She left me there to disrobe and get on the massage bed, where I was to lay on my tummy beneath the thick duvet. At first, I was uncomfortable but after explaining to her that it was my first massage, she talked to me a lot so that I would know what to expect and what I could do to get the best of my experience. The room was dimly lit and relaxing music was playing – and it was toasty warm. Every time she had to massage a part of me, she would just uncover that part so the rest of me would remain beneath the blanket. At one point, when she got to my lower back, it felt soooo good – I couldn’t help but think of the episode of Friends where Phoebe won’t massage Monica because Monica makes these embarassing noises. I can almost relate – though I was able to contain myself. I thought I would fall asleep during my massage (and was told that many do – and some even snore – or talk in their sleep) but I stayed awake – chatted a bit with Leanne. I’m glad I didn’t fall asleep because I wanted to enjoy every aspect of it. Only weird moment for me was when she told me to flip over – being topless I was like, “Ummm..” but when I opened my eyes, she had the duvet held up as a curtain, giving me the privacy to turn over. I’m a geek with things like that :). At first, I had a hard time slowing down, and wondered how I would lay still for an hour, but the hour ended up flying by. Definitely the best part of my day. I got up to pee after my massage and before my facial and my sensation was similiar to taking a sleep aid at bedtime and getting up in the middle of the night to pee. ZZZzzzZZZZ :).

The Facial

I’ve had a facial before – but never in this setting – the lights, the music, in a bed covered up to my shoulders under warm blankets. I don’t think I opened my eyes a single time – half the time I had eye pads on so I couldn’t if I wanted to :). After cleansing and exfoliating my skin, then the extractions (ouch!!) my mask was put on and Leanne left so my face could harden – it took about 15 minutes at which point I started to drift off to sleep – once I woke up to a loud snore coming from down the hall. It turned out to be Irene :). Soon after the mask was removed and Leanne sat me up to tell me what she had done (sadly, she is not fond of Clinique – says my skin should be in a bit better condition if Clinique was doing it’s job – I think the products I am using might not be the right ones – ie. not for dry, sensitive skin). As I sat up, I felt like I was waking up from a long nap. I have not felt so relaxed in… forever? 🙂


Leanne told me to robe myself again – Irene and our lunch were waiting in the lounge where we could sit and chat while we ate. I went down the hall to find Irene looking beautiful – her facial did wonders for her, she looked ten years younger. We sat in our robes by the fire and ate our lunch – a green salad with a yum vinegarette and a roasted chicken and veggie wrap. It was light but filling – the perfect choice actually :).


After lunch, Irene and I padded back down the hall behind our estheticians – Irene sat down for her manicure, I climbed up into the chair for my pedicure. We soaked my feet, she scrubbed away all the dead skin, exfoliated my feet and legs, then filed and smoothed my toenails. A dip in paraffin wax followed, along with a toasty set inside heated booties. I picked a nice corally pink for my toenails – added bonus? They use mini-nail colors, for $2 you get to take home your color :).


Very much like the pedicure, including the paraffin wax and the heated mitts :). I chose a cranberry-like color for my fingernails and they’re shorter then I would like and I prefer dark colors on short nails. After that, we were invited back to the lounge to sit and wait for our polish to finish setting – it was only when I got back to the room that I realized it was almost 4 – the whole day I totally lost concept of time and Leanne wouldn’t tell me either – she said that was the whole point of the day after all.

And now, I’m hooked, I want to go back :). Tomorrow if possible :). Another redeeming quality? Irene parked in front of the spa and they monitored her meter all day so that she wouldn’t get a ticket – and at the end of the day, they wouldn’t let her pay for the meter :). Anyhow, we left the spa *sob* and went to Milestone’s for Bellini’s and appetizers – a great way to unwind after unwinding ;).

Now’s the time to leave your comments expressing how much you hate me 🙂 :).

And if the day couldn’t get ANY better…

I got home only to discover that Tay had cleaned the house. The whole HOUSE. That means he washed and put away the dishes, swept and mopped the floors, vacuumed both the downstairs AND the upstairs, picked up and folded ALL the clothes in the bedroom and made the bed. Of course, I was too anxious to see him and tell him about my day that I didn’t notice the clean house right away, until I asked him what he had done and he casually mentioned that he had cleaned up. And then I looked around. And around. That’s right – while I was off being pampered for the day, he was home cleaning the house. Ohhh yeeeeah :). Not sure what’s happening, but Boy, do I love him :).

Feel free to leave an additional comment about my kickass-boyfriend 🙂 :).

Sexy Saturday

Which 5 famous people have you and your SO agreed is no holds barred if you were to meet them? That said, is it OK for your SO to have harmless celebrity crushes? Umm..well, seeing how my list is to the right there, for the world to see (well okay, my 4 faithful readers ;), ya Tay is aware of it. He’s not happy that Mark Ruffalo is hanging around in the number 5 spot. I offered Tay the number 5 spot but Tay declined – said he might get bumped and that would suck ;). Tay has a Friends Five – I helped him create it. I believe it’s Halle Berry, Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), Drew Barrymore, Julia Ormond… and… I can’t remember the fifth. Oh well, she can’t be that important ;).

The Saturday-8

1. what is the most difficult room/area to clean in your house/apt.? why? Probably the kitchen – only because it’s used a lot, and stuff accumulates so easily.

2. what is the easiest room/area to clean in your house/apt.? why?The powder room on the first floor – it takes less than five minutes to clean, and that includes sweeping and mopping.

3. which room/area do you tend to ‘let go’ the longest before you break down & finally clean it? why? Probably my bedroom (or closet) because nobody really sees it. Either that or my study – because it’s my room and only I spend time in here (but it doesn’t often get messy).

4. which room/area in your house/apt. generally has to be very clean; otherwise, it drives you insane?The kitchen – it drives me crazy to work around clutter.

5. do you and your spouse/SO have differing views on when it is necessary to clean? tell us about it. We feel mostly the same – the house doesn’t have to be spotless, only tidy. Tay doesn’t understand my need to clean the dishes before I make dinner – therefore cleaning them AGAIN after dinner. Likewise I don’t understand his need to have one of the two kitchen sinks empty at all times.

6. i am VERY proud of my new black & decker scumbuster & my new steamcleaner. do you have any nifty cleaning gadgets you just can’t live without? tell us about them. I do adore my swiffer wetjet :).

7. if you have children, depending on their age, do you expect them to have their rooms cleaned, or do you do it for them? do you have chores for them to do around the house? why or why not? Hmm..doesn’t apply.. but when I do have kids… I think it will be ok for their rooms to be messy, but not dirty. Ie. Toys laying around are ok. Dirty dishes, moldy food, soiled clothing are not.

8. if you have/had enough money, would you hire a housecleaner? or do you feel (like my husband) that hiring a maid is ‘lazy’ and you should set aside enough time to clean your own house by yourself?If I had that kind of money, chances are I’d be working so much that I wouldn’t have TIME to clean my house. And if that was the case, there’d be better things to do with my time – like spend it with loved ones, go to the gym, go shopping :).

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