Quote of the Day:

“I think I want to try sushi.”

Song of the Day:

“Wandering Star”, Portishead


Workout: Lower body weights, Abs & Obliques, Cardio (20 minutes, bike).

Water Intake: 1 Ltr so far.

It was pretty busy at the gym this morning – usually it’s pretty calm but this morning had the feel of 5 o’clock rush. Not sure what’s with the surge of people – I didn’t much like the feel in the air because of it – there’s a reason why I don’t go to the gym after work and that’s it.

The low carb-diet is going well – last night, we had steak, sauted mushrooms, corn and salad – Tay had the usual garden with ranch, I made spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing. I have started noticing a difference with the low-carb diet thing – when we were eating mass quantities of pasta and potatoes, I’d be so lethargic immediately following – and I’d be content to just sit and veg on the couch afterwards. Now, I’m still full, but not sluggish – so after dinner I have energy, I’m restless, and not happy snoozing on the sofa like I was before. So that’s the biggest difference really. Not sure there’s been a difference on the scale as of yet – I’ll weigh in on the weekend and see what happens :).

The sushi thing? Tay has decided that he wants to try sushi. SUSHI. Even me, who’s willing to try most anything, has yet to try sushi. *Insert twilight zone music HERE*

On the Radio

~ On Halloween, 2 kids broke into an apartment in Paris, France and discovered a dead body. They took off running, and the neighbor went to investigate. Apparently, this person had been dead for FOUR years and nobody noticed. FOUR years. How awful would it be to die and have nobody notice? Neighbors described the man as being “quiet” and “keeping to himself”.

~ Dave from Survivor Amazon (last year’s) was on Chum FM this morning – apparently, he was voted as the hottest survivor to date. I would have to agree with that – he is yummy, rocket scientist or not 🙂 :).

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