Quote of the Day:

“I baked a pie full of rat poison. I though I could eat it, you know, without being suspicious. My nana, who is 86…

she really likes sweets. She had three pieces.” (From The Virgin Suicides. Giovanni? Ya, he’s the narrator ;).

Song of the Day:

Release Me – Wilson Philips (This early 90’s music is KILLINGGGG me….I miss my car stereo *sob*)


Workout: Nada.

Water Consumption: 1.5 Ltrs so far.

I was sore when I woke this morning, so after 5 days in a row, I took a day off. I will be going tomorrow, so that means I will have gone 6 out of 7 days this week.

Yay me!!

Day 4 of our low-carb diet. Brace yourself – tonight, Tay ate spinach. SPINACH. We had a salad, I had no lettuce, I told him that spinach tasted pretty much just like lettuce only it tasted… greener :). So he tried it. He wasn’t too fussy for it, but he ate the whole salad. I am not sure what has come over him. Yesterday, he casually mentioned maybe he should color his hair. I was like ?!?!?! (I’ve only been suggesting it for YEARS.) Then, today, while I was making dinner, he unloaded the dish washer, and took the silverware tray from the drawer, washed it, and put all the silverware back in. I teased him yesterday – asked him if he was having a midlife crisis :). When I was talking to Sandra last night and told her bout our diet… she asked if he was becoming gay. And then.. a thought struck me. Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. Could the show be rubbing off on him??? Hrrrrmm. 🙂

Regardless, YAY!!! 🙂

What Else?

We’re waiting for C&E to arrive – the returned home from their honeymoon on Saturday… they are coming out to show us the pictures and video they took. They apparently have some ‘mexican’ doritoes for Tay – which is what he asked for :). Only now, Tay is concerned because they are a carb. LOL LOL. Depending on what time they leave and what time we watch Survivor I might be on later :).

Thursday ThumbTwiddler
(From October 2)

1. Kids get punished by having something they value taken from them temporarily. As an adult, what would you least want taken from you for a month as punishment?Most definitely, my car.

2. Would you rather work around people who are more, or less, talented than you?I’ve worked (and work) with people that are both. I enjoy working around people that are more talented than me because their work inspires me and makes me work harder – it’s motivating. I have a hard time working around people that are less talented than me because it’s frustrating that they aren’t on my level – and they are constantly looking to me for help. While I should probably find it flattering, it annoys the hell out of me. Daniel and I talk often at work how difficult it is to live amongst stupid people ;).

3. When you spend money, do you think about who is profiting from your expenditure?Not usually… in the summer, when I make the choice to shop at the Farmer’s Market it’s to help the local farmers. When we are away I prefer to buy from street merchants and artists because I understand that is their livelihood. But when I walk into a store and buy a Guess shirt – I don’t think much further than how it’s going to look on me ;).

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