Quote of the Day:

“Shopping is my cardio!” (Carson, Queer Eye)

Song of the Day:

“I Got Rhythm,” Judy Garland


Workout: Upperbody (Shoulders, Biceps, Back), Abs & Obliques, Cardio (20minutes, Bike).

Water Intake: 2Ltrs.

Day #5. Woo-hoo!!

Queer Eye

Tay and I have just started watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. I’m tickled by it :). We’ve watched a few episodes in the past week – and I’ve cracked up a few times. I’m fascinated by Kyan – not only is he hot, but he knows SO much about hair and skin care. I bet if we met, we’d be really good friends ;). One thing I love-love-love about gay guys is how nice they treat women – on all the episodes I’ve seen of QE, they’ve been very flattering to the women acquainted with the straight guys. I remember hanging out with M&C in BC and them commenting how everytime I came out of my bedroom, I looked beautiful. And how they always seemed enthralled with what I had to say. And they brought me flowers. Tiger Lilies. Damn, I love gay men 🙂 :).

How is this legal??

The other day I was driving to the gym, and caught sight of a near accident happening near the mall – a minivan, wanting to make a left hand turn, came into my lane – the car in front of me braked hard to avoid a mishap. The driver of the mini-van had what appeared to be both a physical and mental handicap – his left arm was curled into his body and he had that jerky head motion happening – and he was driving one-handed. There’s such a big uproar over cell phones and how drivers shouldn’t be allowed to use them while they drive, but yet, this guy, who only has the one good arm is permitted to drive – and of course, he it’s a mini-van, probably one of the most awkward vehicles to maneuver. I HATE talking on my cell phone while driving – I rarely use it while driving and if I do, it’s when I know there will be a loooooong red light. I tried imagining driving all the time without the use of one hand and I couldn’t imagine it – it would be extremely difficult. Argggghhhh.

What Else?

Jai had a late class tonight – so I offered to Renu that I would take her and Jayant to the babysitters to pick Jagrit up. When we showed up, Jago was playing in the living room with the other children – Renu says he seems to be fitting in nicely. When he saw Renu, he went to her first and then he saw me and recognition filled his little face – he came right to me and settled onto my lap (I was squatting down to see this CUTE little baby crawling towards me). I always knew that Jago was starting to know me – but this kind of hammered it home to me. When we got home to Renu’s I was playing wih Jayant and thinking just right it feels for me to be there with them, how used to me Renu’s kids have become. 🙂 🙂

Daily Double

1. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original). Next would be The Blair Witch Project.

2. Have you ever encountered a celebrity? I’ve spoken with Margaret Atwood at a book signing, and I’ve had quite a few star-sightings at various TIFFs – got autographs fromTom-Everett Scott, Samantha Mathias and Selma Blair. In fact, I ran into Selma Blair in the ladies washroom at the Uptown – as she was signing my ticket I told her that I had just seen her in The Sweetest Thing – to which she rolled her eyes – to which I acknowledged that she was the only thing that saved that movie 🙂 :).

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