Song of the Day:

Emotions, Mariah Carey (Ack!)

Quote of the Day:

“I’m not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am, I just don’t like answering stupid questions. ” <- From Holes. (Which we watched last night, and while I normally snub my nose at Disney feel-gooder flicks, this one wasn't bad – at least it was decent. And it had Shia in it, who I have gained an appreciation for since Project Greenlight. So all was not lost ;).


Workout(s) Monday – Upper body Weights (Triceps, Chest), Abs and Obliques, Cardio (20 minutes, bike). Today – Lower body Weigths, Abs and Obliques, Cardio (20 minutes, bike).

Water Intake: Monday – 3Ltrs, Today – 1Ltr so far

This is my fourth day in a row hitting the gym – so far, so good. I’ve been taking it a little easy cardio-wise, just trying to get back into my groove and such. Last night, when I was working out, this trainer guy came along with two girls who were doing a double session – he had them jogging on the spot and stuff right next to where I was doing my triceps. It was vaguely annoying but more amusing to listen to them whine and complain so I didn’t mind too much ;).

Tay and I started our low-carb diet yesterday – for the first time in our relationship (9 years) Tay ate a salad :). It’s amazing how dependent we’ve become on starchy food (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes) especially at dinner time but we managed – I made chicken with garlic and rosemary, with baby carrots and red peppers alongside, and then we had corn and mushrooms with a side garden salad. It was pretty yummy actually :). We are trying to ease into this whole thing… and we’re weaning Tay off regular soft drinks and doritoes but so far, I’m pretty optimistic :).

What Else?

Renu started her new job at HP yesterday – I hope everything worked out well. I am going to miss having her online everyday to chat with me – I am sure going back to work will be a huge adjustment for her – and for Jago too. Poor kid :(.

Mariah Carey? C’mon!!!

Okay – so Tay yanked the stereo from the Teg yesterday and put back in the original deck – which means radio and cassettes only. Arghhhh!! So this morning I dug up my old cassettes from like 1990 and my choices were Mariah Carey (her first three albums, before she went all scank), Wilson Philips, Bell Biv Devoe, or Mr. Big. So I went with Mariah Carey. You’ve got me feeling emoooooootionnnnnnnnns.

Somebody kill me.

Monday Madness

1. Do you watch any ‘reality shows’ on television? If so, which is your favorite? If not, why? The Amazing Race definitely. This season of Survivor is also kickASS. Oh and The Mole was cool too, the one season that I watched ;).

2. If you were offered a chance to be a part of any of the reality shows, which one would you choose? Why? Definitely The Amazing Race – just because the opportunities that would be presented to you would be worth it even if you didn’t win the million dollars. The travel and the challenges! I’d be there in a second!

3. If you could pick your own team on ‘Survivor’ what qualities would you look for in the 7 people you would choose? Loyalty, trustworthiness, survival skills (ie. starting a fire, hunting/fishing, building shelters, first aid etc), also an open-minded attitude and goodnaturedness.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:

For the rest of your life, never be allowed to see the sun again OR never be allowed to see the moon and stars again? Umm… never be allowed to see the moon or stars again. I guess.

Always smell like pot roast so strongly that everyone around you smells it too OR always taste pot roast no matter what you’re eating? Argh! These are tough. Smell like pot roast.

Have the power to make plants grow almost instantly OR to turn water into wine? Make plants grow instantly.

When talking on the phone, be so nervous that you breathe heavy and people constanly mistake you for a stalker OR only speak in rhyme?Speak in rhyme, at least it would be kind of funny. For awhile.

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