Song of the Day

You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)

Quote of the Day:

“Of course, you won’t be able to lie on your back for a while but then you can lie from any position, can’t you?” (Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lambert, in Charade, 1963)

What’s Annoying

Blogger has this REALLY ANNOYING habit of logging you out if you take too long updating your blog. I have this bad habit of doing multiple things while blogging, so I almost always time out. Most times, I copy and paste my update into notepad so I don’t lose it. Tonight, however, I didn’t, and everything I just blogged is gone. Presto! Into the great unknown. As a result, I have two choices – retype everything I just blogged about or just say screw it. Considering that it’s 2am, I don’t feel like repeating it all. But here’s some:

Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order. ~ Virginia Woolf

Came across a story tonight that I’ve been thinking about… I wrote it so long ago. I still like the story so I did some editing on it, (it’s funny how, with time, the stuff you right becomes not so good :). I think I might keep working on it, polish it up a bit. Anyhow, the first part is over at the Edible Woman.


Workout: Lower Body, Abs & Obliques, Cardio (20 minutes, bike).

Water Intake: 2Ltrs ~

I started back at the gym (again), after a week of having JoJo and Andy visit. It felt good to be back, I am always amazed at how in sync I feel with my body after even just one workout – and it made me feel much better about myself. This entire past week we were pretty indulgent with the food we ate, but unlike Jody, who was feeling pretty guilty about her diet, I didn’t care too much. Whenever we have company, we almost always eat well – I don’t think there is anything better then the combination of good food and good friends (You can now add good wine to the mix ;). As a result, I’ve gained a few pounds, I can see and feel them, but it’s okay. It was worth it :).

On Monday, Tay and me start a low-carb diet, it was Tay’s idea. I’ll keep you posted ;).

Andy & JoJo…

Left on Thursday :(. Usually, I am sort of happy to see my guests leave… I love having people stay with us, and the time I get to spend with them, but playing hostess can be disruptive to your routine… and I am a girl of routine :). But this time, I was sad to see the two of them go. We had a lot of fun and it was really, really wonderful to see my sister with Andy and to see just how happy she was. I remember the first night they were here and we were sitting at the dining room table after dinner and I was watching Jody and just thinking how beautiful she looked – she was slightly flushed and just unaware that I was noticing her. I think she too, is one of those people that look their best when they aren’t trying :). I really liked having the chance to spend time with Andy – Tay mentioned after we left them at the airport how good of a person Andy seems to be – and how good he seems to be for Jody. I really, really like Andy and what I liked best about him was how comfortable he seemed to be around Tay and me… and in our home. It really pleases me to see people relaxed and happy in our house – watching Andy making his tea and bread and jam that first morning was so natural – it showed me just how prefectly he belongs :). I miss them *sigh*.

A lot of photos were taken with their digital camera while they were here – I’ve uploaded a few of them up to Yahoo – you can check the photos out here.

What Else?

I woke at noon today – after going to bed last night at one… it’s been a loooooooooong time since I slept 11 solid hours, I’m thinking my body really needed it. So I’m not overly tired, but a little too restless to be blogging (not too mention that the blog I lost, grrrr). I might upload some more photos and then go to bed. Maybe I’ll read my book. We’ll see :).

Weekly Wrap-Up

1. What is the most essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why? Besides the obvious (ie. underwear)? My skincare, hair care, and makeup. Just because. I’m anti-drugstore when it comes to these items so all of this stuff costs quite a bit and if I didn’t have them on a trip, they would be costly to replace.

2. What is the least essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why? Half the clothes I pack ;). I never end up wearing half what I pack. Books are a good one too.. I’m usually too busy/uninterested to read.

3. How early do you start packing for a big trip (say, a week)? Why so early or so late? If I’m going for at least a week, I start packing probably a couple of days before – so I can get a handle of what needs to be washed, and what I’ll need. If I’m going for just a couple of days, the night before is sufficient.

4. What do you pack in your carry-on bag if you’re flying? If you’ve never flown, estimate what you’d pack. Book, Mp3 player, gum, wallet, travelsize makeup bag & skincare kit (in case luggage is lost), bottle of water.

5. What kind of stuff do you (or would you) pack if you were traveling with a child for a three-hour flight? Colouring book and crayons, books, deck of cards.

Sexy Saturday

What’s the most romantic thing a partner has ever done for you? When Tay and I were living long distance, he once spent over 24 hours travelling to see me for Xmas. This included sleeping in an airport, AND driving in a crowded shuttle-minivan with strangers from one airport to another on bumpy roads, through a snow storm. Day to day? Tucking me in at night :).

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