Song of the Day:

“Hello, City.” BareNaked Ladies

Quote of the Day:

“Back to you fuckers.” – Jody, on the Maid of the Mist, quoting Jim Carey from Bruce Almighty :).

And So…

JoJo and Andy arrived on Friday – we’ve been pretty busy since then, hence, no updates to my blog. Here’s just some of what we’ve been doing the past few days…


After picking them up at the airport, we came home and relaxed. For dinner, I made ceasar salad with chopped bacon and baked garlic-basil croutons and fettucine alfredo with chicken and mushrooms. We cracked open one of the bottles of white wine that I brought home from work (left over from our WOP luncheon in September). At the reduced price of $5, it’s was worth the money :). After dinner we sat around the table and just chatted – sometimes, that’s the perfect evening :).


We’d made plans to do the downtown thing on Sunday – Saturday we rose late, went to Moxie’s at the mall for lunch. Their spinach salad (which Jody had) was to die for, the broccoli cheddar soup (Andy’s choice) was divine. While I enjoyed my enchiladas, I wish I had gotten that soup with that salad :). We did a bit of shopping afterwards, then caught Mystic River. With Clint Eastwood directing such a strong cast, I expected more – was a little disappointed with the movie. It was slow in parts and not entirely unpredictable. I think (like a lot of movies) It had the potential to be more.

I had made plans to bring Andy and Jody to Renu’s for dinner – Tay came with us, I lured him with Swiss Chalet :). It felt so good to be at Renu’s, with her, after all the Sandra-stress that I have been wading through the past few days. When I look at her, and her family, I am reminded about what is good in this world and why I strive everyday to be the best person I can be. It’s because sometimes, God rewards you with those few people that are worth more than anything else in this world. After dinner, hanging out in their living room was blissful – Jai put on some music that soothed us, I played with Jayant and made him laugh. The sound of his laughter causes my heart to grow twice it’s size. After Jayant went to bed, Jago and I played hide and seek around the sofa, and later, he rewarded me with a very affectionate kiss on my left ear :).

When we got home, Jody spoke with Sandra on the phone – the second time that evening, the first one didn’t go that well – the stuff between Sandra and me was causing a lot of turmoil and Jojo was in the middle of it. After watching what it did to Jody, I’d had enough – I spoke with Sandra and told her that we needed to just put everything behind us – including this bickering about the rent. I conceded and told her to pay Tay and I when she could but to promise me we wouldn’t have to chase her for it. I don’t care much about the money… I’m a little frustrated that it was me that had to concede and make the move to rectify the situation. But somethings aren’t worth it, and $250 isn’t worth watching my sister cry. I explained to Sandra that I am frustrated that she can not come to me with her problems – that her lack of communication makes it very difficult for me to be sympathetic to her problems. I think she heard me. We all had lunch the next day, Brad surprised us by showing up.


So we met Brad. Almost 9 months later. And he seems fairly normal :).

After we all had lunch, we walked through downtown, did the usual touristy stuff. Did the CN Tower. Actually I sent Tay up with Jody, Andy and Sandra (Tay and I did rock-scissor-paper, he won 😦 ). We had 2 2-for-1 passes, I figured since I had done it before, I could skip it. We had drinks at the Keg, then over to Fazooli’s for pasta, then off to see Kill Bill. Tay’s and mine second time, that movie is SOOOOO kickASS. Jojo and Andy didn’t seem to care for it to much – I’m not sure how anybody can’t LOVE it.

“Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords.” O-Ren Ishii

So then today…

Tay ended up having to work today – Andy, Jo-jo and I had down to Niagara to visit the falls and maybe get in some winery tours. When we arrived Andy was SOOO eager to get out of the car and start taking pictures – we weren’t able to park fast enough to satisfy him :). It was a beautiful day in Ontario today – not cold at all and the sun shone all day. We took soooo many pictures, a lot of terrific ones that I plan on getting from Andy and Jody. We walked the length of the falls, had some lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s (a distant Colorado memory that I was happy to revisit!!) then down to the Maid of the Mist to bask in the spray of the Niagara. After that did the behind the falls tour – how freaky to be 125 feet down into the rocks and to hear all that water thundering over our heads! As we waited in line to go back up I could really feel our depth – got a bit of claustrophobia, felt my chest constricting. It was a relief to get back above ground!!

We drove then through the Niagara wine country – stopped at the first winery that we came across that was still open (it was close to 6pm) which was Riverview Cellars They were still doing wine tastings, I sampled their Select Late Harvest Vidal and wanted to die – I have NEVER tasted wine so absolutely divine – and couldn’t resist buying a bottle to take home. Jody and I went splits on it, we’re going to drink it after dinner tomorrow night (it’s a dessert wine). At $30 for a 375ml bottle (!!!), I think I have found my new guilty pleasure in life :).

New York’s version of Niagara Falls sucks ;).

Andy though it would be pretty cool if we went to the US while in Niagara. So after Niagara-on-the-Lake, we drove BACK to Niagara Falls and over the bridge to the US. We pulled up at the inspection station, they took one look at our combined IDs (we were like bad joke – a Brit, a Haligonian and an Ontarian (what the hell are people from Ontario called? Other than ignorant?? 😉 are trying to get into the US…), heard that we drove over ‘just to have dinner’ and told us we’d be visiting immigration. We spent about 20 minutes there where we learned Andy was the culprit – they made him fill out a waiver, gave him a 3month Visa into the country, and charged him a $6 processing fee. Andy had no US money, no credit card – he asked Jody to come pay it with her Mastercard. Jody – a little anxious for being in a customs office – became hostile – and from across the room declared that she was NOT going to pay them $6 – we’d just go back to Canada. Andy came across the room and whispered rather urgently that they’d mark his passport that he was refused entry so Jody got up and went over to demand WHY they had to pay $6. I sat in my chair wondering how I got here in the first place, other then the faint hope of MAYBE stumbling onto an Olive Garden on the other side :). Anyhow, we cleared customs, drove around for approximately 30 minutes then decided the New York side sucked – we gave it the finger and went home :).

Tomorrow brings…

Ikea, Square One, Thai food, outlet stores, fondue for dinner. We’ve got another bottle of Riverview to drink with dinner as well as the Late Harvest. Tomorrow evening will be sublime :).

Friday Five

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.Dill pickles, peanut butter bars (made by my Mom), handmade tortillas with black bean dip, water, havarti cheese.

2. Name five things in your freezer. May Garden eggrolls (from Nova Scotia), frozen pizza, Peaches & Cream corn, fruitopia, frosted A&W mugs.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink. Mr. Clean, recycling bin with cans, rubber gloves, Murphy’s wood oil, Oven cleaner.

4. Name five things around your computer.

Glass of water, plant, Lisa Simpson figurine, scratch pad, Thank you card.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet. Pepto-bismal, bandaids, rubbing alchol, sunblock, shaving cream.

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