Song of the Day:

Why Can’t I, Liz Phair

Quote of the Day:

“Are you coming or going? Or coming, and then going? Or coming and staying?” <– Brian Kinney, Queer as Folk


Yesterday’s Workout: Lower body weights, Abs & Obliques, Cardio (10 minutes Stair climber, 15 minutes, bike).

Today’s Workout: I’ll be going this evening.

Water Consumption: More than usual.

TaDa!!! Got up, went to the gym yesterday morning. I wanted to die, working out – realized pretty quickly that it’s definitely been more than a month since I was able to work out. My legs felt like jello when I was on the stair climber – it was quite possibly the longest ten minutes of my life! It did feel good to be back there, to see all the familiar faces (not that I talk to any of them, but still. Also – this was weeeeeeird – as I was going to get on a bike, this person was on a weight machine and they looked up at me – and I assumed it was some guy. So I got on my bike, then got a better look and realized it was the girl that Sandra and I used to be in awe of – and ya, she’s worked out soooo much, she looks like a guy now. It was weird-weird-weird.

Family Bliss

So I was talking to Sandra on Friday and asked her if she would be having Thanksgiving with us on Sunday. She said she would check with Brad. (Of course.) On Saturday, she came from work and said, no, we won’t be there for dinner, we are going out with his parents. I said, fine, whatever. She then said, well… maybe I will tell Brad we should have lunch with his parents and dinner with us. On Sunday, she called around 1 to tell me that they WOULD be coming for dinner. I said, fine, you’re more than welcome. She seemed pretty excited to come, she was looking forward to the dinner. Tay came home, I told him that we’re going to need to be able to seat 7 people for dinner (our table only really seats 4, because it’s pretty narrow) so we start racking our brains for seating. Then, Sandra calls me at about 4 and tells me hmmm.. they now won’t be coming. BRAD is apparently SICK. I do know that lunch fell through with his parents (Brad slept through lunch) so I have a gut-hunch that Brad’s sickness was an excuse so that they could have dinner with his parents. So I’m talking to Sandra (Ya, ok, whatever) and she says, “I’ll miss you.” So I said, “You liar, you won’t miss me, you’ll miss dinner.” She then agreed that she was pretty transparent – and then proceeded to ask me to put aside some food for her. Um. YA. RIGHT. Sheesh.


Could there be more? With Sandra, there is ALWAYS more. Sandra told us that she would be moving out on the 1st. She called me up, told me that her moving date was being late as her and Brad were having money problems and couldn’t afford 1st/Last month rent, so they weren’t allowed to move in until the 15th. Also, because they were tight on money, she would be unable to pay us the rent that she had owed us from the 15th of LAST MONTH. Soon, she promised us. Last week, she promised that rent was on its way, and that she was planning on moving out on Tuesday. We were like, good – JoJo and Andy are coming – I’d like to put them in Sandra’s room and also, Tay needs the space – his work office is getting full, he wants to start moving stuff into that room. I went into Sandra’s room yesterday – all her stuff HAD been packed up nice and neat, but NOW because she has been in and out the past week, everything has overflowing from her boxes and suitcases – which means, we can’t easily take her stuff and move it to the basement. Grrrr. I called her TWICE yesterday, leaving messages, telling her to call home. She hasn’t. Tay is ready to kick her ass. I’m irritated but more resigned – this is SO typically Sandra, it’s not even funny. Tay is now threatening to charge her rent for the past two weeks she has been just ‘staying with us’. She is driving me craaaaaazy. I was telling Jody about it – she mentioned that Sandra is becoming more and more like our father – apparently, Dad was barely civil to Andy last night. But then, Andy gave him the gift he had brought for Dad (a 3pk of whiskey). And of course, my dad perked right up. Him and Sandra are the same in that they can’t be bothered to make an effort unless they want something from you. My brother is becoming the exact same. Grrrr.

Wednesday Whatever

1. What is the sluttiest/most revealing thing you’ve ever worn? Hmmm… As of late, I’ve started wearing some slightly revealing shirts but they’re not really slutty. Like I have this beautiful purply-mauve Guess shirt that has gold embroidery that is flowy but has a deep v-cut. It shows a lot, but I don’t think if you saw it you would label it ‘slutty’. And the dress I wore to C&E’s wedding was one piece, strapless and snug… so it was revealing, but again, I wouldn’t call it slutty. Who knows, maybe I am in denial? 🙂 :).

2. What are the measurements of a perfect body, in your opinion? I don’t like skinny-skinny. I actually like my proportions (I believe 36-32-38), so maybe a slightly smaller version of me, so maybe, 34-30-36?

3. What is/will be your secondary education, if any? I’ve already got my BA from MSVU. If I do anything else, it might be my CGA.

Daily Double

1. What gum brand do you like? I’m not a gum-fanatic, really. For blowing bubbles, HubbaBubba. Otherwise, I dunno, Excel?

2. Which do you like more, the sun or the moon? If the question is, would I rather live in constant day or constant night, I would say day, so that would be the sun. But I appreciate the beauty of the moon more.

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