Song of the Day:

They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Billie Holiday

Quote of the Day:

“Because you told us to.” ~ Jayant explaining to me why they celebrate Thanksgiving.

News Flash

Tomorrow, I’m going back to the gym 🙂 :).

And the turkey was…

…for the most part, perfect :). It was perhaps a *little* drier than I would have liked but I have a pyscho oven – what should have taken 3.5 hours to roast my turkey only took just over two hours. Which means my turkey was done about an hour early. And we couldn’t eat when it was ready because we were expecting guests – so I turned down the hit a bit, covered it with foil and tried desperately to reach Renu and tell them to come ASAP. Other than that, everything was fabulous – turkey, stuffing AND gravy all turned out. I put out a bowl of canned gravy in case the gravy didn’t turn out, and all through dinner, everyone was asking which one was the ‘fake’ gravy so they could avoid it :). I was very happy to see all my gravy disappear and have to throw away the fake one :). The dessert turned out as well – as Tay was eating it, he says, “This I like – did you buy it?” (I’m known for my cooking NOT my baking ;).

He Was a Good Little Monkey and Always Very Curious

While we were eating dinner, Jagrit discovered the world of Curious George – he found our big-stuffed George, who must be about 3 feet tall. When I looked over at him, Jago was rolling around on the floor wrestling with George. He kept making these funny noises and jumping on him – I couldn’t help myself, I almost died laughing to watch him. At one point, he body checked George and then got up to do it all over again. I grabbed the video camera so we could tape him, but as soon as Jago knew we were watching him, he coincidentally ran out of energy :). Too bad, I think we could have had a chance on funniest home videos :).

Where is the Laziness?

Today, I was cleaning up my room – finally got around to putting stuff away – which includes my birthday presents, which until today, sat in their colorful paper bags. It’s been over a month since my birthday and this was the first real opportunity I’ve had to look at the things people gave to me. I don’t know when life got so busy – it seems, these days, everytime I turn around, there’s something happening. It’s been like this since the start of September and will continue like this until far into October. It’s nice to be busy, and to have things happening (ie. C&E’s wedding, Jojo and Andy coming) but at the same time, I really miss my down time, my lazy-lazy weekends where I would maybe workout, hangout on the couch and read, WRITE. None of that’s been happening. (Being sick didn’t help either.) I know so many people that thrive in this environment, but I dunno.. I guess I’m a loner at heart – I like it when it’s me, myself & I.

But that said, I’m reaaaaally looking forward to seeing JoJo and Andy on Friday :).

Weekly WrapUp

(From October 3rd)

1. How easily do you get angry? Has this changed over time? If so, how? I don’t get angry so much as I get annoyed – and I seemed to get annoyed pretty easily these days. I think it’s because before, I used to be pretty passive, and I’d put up with a lot. Now, I’ve grown into the person I am and am less likely to put up with people taking advantage of me.

2. How do you express your anger? I get pretty quiet if I am irked or mad about something, because I know that I am prone to flareups and I can overreact. So I keep quiet until I feel in control enough to express myself rationally.

3. What behaviors, things, people, etc. trigger your Angry Button? Why? Selfish people. People who take advantage of the ‘system’. Closeminded people, people who discriminate. Absentminded drivers. Superficial people. Greedy people. I could go on; I think I’ll stop.

4. Has your anger ever backfired on you and resulted in more trouble for you than for the target of your anger? If so, how? Ya, usually it’s any argument that I have with Tay. I always get so worked up and then we fight and then, with his logic and rationale, he always manages to get me to see his side of things… and then I wonder why I was so mad in the first place. He’s getting good at diffusing the Tawny-bomb before it goes off :).

5. What do you do to manage your anger? How effective are these strategies? Taking that angry energy and channeling it elsewhere ie. Writing, cooking, working out (treadmill, stepper, lifting weights). If that’s not a possibility, then yoga breathing or counting to ten. Going outside and getting fresh air. These things always help me to caaaaaaalm down :).

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