Song of the Day:

Chili’s theme song about baby-back ribs…Don’t ask me why, and it’s driving me CRAAAAZY.

Quote of the Day:

“This turkey business is getting pretty complicated.”


We’re celebrating and having our Thanksgiving dinner today – Renu, Jai and the kids are coming. I’m pretty sure we normally do Thanksgiving on Monday, and that was the plan, but Renu has to fast tomorrow as part of her religion so she convinced that I should have Thanksgiving today. So we are. It probably works out better this way – Tay is racing but will be home around by 5, and he’s thinking he should work tomorrow. And if we do it today, then I can use tomorrow to do some stuff that I’ve been wanting to get done for quite some time now.

The Turkey

I have an 11lb turkey sitting in a bath of cold water in my kitchen sink. I’m pretty sure that it is defrosted, it’s been in the water since last night. I had tried thawing it in the fridge, but I read the directions too late – I transferred it from the freezer to the fridge Friday night when I should have done it Thursday morning. Oooops. Umm… have I forgot to mention that this is my first time making a full turkey?? We’ve had turkey for holidays before but I always just buy the Butterball turkey breast and that’s awfully good actually. But I’ve always felt like I cheated with just making the breast so this year,

knowing that I would have 4.5 people (Jayant is the .5 ;), I figured I would just go for it and buy the whole bird. It’s still Butterball but now we’ve got it all – even the gizzards and giblets and all that yuck stuff. The other night I dreamt that I had forgotten to remove the packaged gunk and made my turkey with it in it. I was pretty distraught :). Also from scratch for the first time? Stuffing and gravy. I sat down last night to make a To-Do list for dinner preparations and as I wrote across the top of my page To-Do I was reminded of Pieces of April. I expect my turkey experience to be slightly less problematic than that of Katie Holmes :).

On the menu…


Stuffed mushrooms



Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes



Dinner Rolls


Either Apple Tarte Tartin or Apple Pie with Vanilla IceCream

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