Song of the Day:

The Dope Show, Marilyn Manson

Quote of the Day:

“Our feminism is not only about the full and equal participation of women and men in all spheres of activity, but about making room for sensitivity, beauty, empathy and spirituality in all aspects of life.” <- From the Green Party Platform


As part of it’s last flight tour, the Concorde touched down in Toronto yesterday afternoon, with a scheduled departure time for 6pm this evening. Tay and I drove out to the airport to see if we could watch it take off – we pulled over where a bunch of other cars were lined up, just off the runway there and waited. It was crazy how cold it was, standing out there, just off the highway, and the energy was crazy too – kind of felt like we were witnessing a bit of history, I guess, in a way, we were. Our patience paid off – we saw it come out on the runaway and then, in what felt like a blink of an eye, it was gone, climbing into the sky effortlessly. Amazing how sleek and elegant she was – I can understand now why they call it the white bird.

And what’s better than watching the Concorde take off?

Seeing Giovanni on Friends :). My heart’s going *thump-a-thump-thump* :).

How did I vote?

After much struggle, I voted Green. It felt right to me. I wish that I was one of those people that felt strongly about politics and were loyall in my beliefs – ie. no question about how I would vote. But people change, and as a result, I think your vote will change. As a supporter of Chretien, I almost voted Liberal, ALMOST (I was impressed by Takhar’s background with the United Way and the Peel District School Board) but then he annoyed me off with his agressive last minute push for votes – don’t call me at 7:40 to tell me to go vote!

Shed a tear for…

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax – Tay just showed me a newspaper picture of the park – the devestation is heart-breaking. I don’t know how cities who experience tropical storms and hurricanes manage to pick up the pieces year after year. 😦

Annoyance of the day…

On the radio this morning, I heard about a police officer that was struck by a car while directing traffic downtown. Apparently, he tried telling this woman 4 times that she could NOT make a left turn, and she refused to obey him, proceeding through the intersection. She sideswiped him, damaging his shoulder and then didn’t bother to stop. What goes through the minds of some people?? Bitch, bitch, bitch. I hope they find her and throw her in jail.

3 for Thursday

1. What are your 3 worst fears/phobias? Ants, serial killers, aliens. (I had to think hard for these, I don’t consider myself a fearful person).

2. What are 3 fears/phobias that you’ve overcome?Rejection, being alone in an empty house, solitude.

3. What are 3 fears/phobias of others that you think are plain silly?Fear of insects (other than ants), fear of people, fear of sharks.

Bonus: Have you ever had a really bad experience with one of your phobias/fears – one that you’ll never forget and possibly has scared you for life? Ya, and it involved ants, and me falling down a STEEP flight of stairs with a vacuum cleaner.

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