Song of the Day:

Where is the Love? Black Eyed Peas

Quote of the Day:

“Are you going to be warm enough?” <– Tay, as I was leaving for work today.


I took a sick day yesterday because I was wiped after our volunteer recognition evening, plus I just didn’t want to be in the office. The whole thing was a lot of work and turned out to be basically a thankless task so I told Cathy Monday night that most likely I would take a sick day the following day. Which I did.

I was feeling a little better yesterday – shortly after I got up, Tay told me to bundle up because it was chilly outside (the temperature here has been dropping day by day, on the weather tonight I heard a threat of snow (?!?) ) so I changed from my nightgown to flannel pajamas and woolly socks. Tay wasn’t convinced that I was warm enough so he brought me a blanket to wrap up in. Again this morning, he was concerned that I wasn’t warm enough as I was leaving for work. After nine years together he can still shake me a little with how thoughtful he can be, and how caring. During my illness he also went out and got me popsicles, and, as we were going to bed one night, I sulked that I had left my kleenex in the car – he wanted to go get them for me, I told him my TP would work just fine :). Unfortunately, he’s sick now too, he claims that’s the last time he agrees to share a bed with me while I am sick. 😦

I am feeling better now though, less stuffed up, throat is less sore, now it’s just a bit of a dry cough and some aches and pains. I think a good night’s sleep will be just the thing. I’m eager to get well and return to the gym – but trying to wait until I’m feeling normal – would hate to set myself back :(.

I Want to Believe in Angels

Sunday morning I stayed in bed and watched City of Angels – I don’t even know how many times I have seen it, but each and every time I watch it, it always has the same impact on me. I think it’s a beautiful movie – it makes me pause to catch my breath and to wonder what if.. what if there ARE angels? Watching us right now? The whole idea gives me great comfort – everytime I watch the movie (I’m always a little sad at the end) but can’t help but be filled with such hope and promise. It’s sweet. At the beginning, Seth comes to take a little girl and he asks her what she liked most, and she said pajamas. I pondered what my answer would be, and am happy that I have a hard time narrowing down on just one thing – chocolate-chip pancakes and birds splashing in puddles are two the come to me right now. And woolly socks.

SideNote: Saturday I watched Almost Famous while I reogranized my closet/armoire, Sunday afternoon I watched Mermaids while I did some work, yesterday Renu and I watched Stand By Me – she came over for lunch and we laid on my bed with Jago in between to watch a movie, last night Tay and I watched Dreamcatcher and Boat Trip – I don’t think there is anything better than watching movies when you’re not feeling well ;).


Hurrican Juan touched down in Halifax – fortunately, my parents property escaped realtively unscathed. Apparently, trees on neighboring properties were either uprooted or flattened – my father told me that their barbeque hadn’t even blown over. How surreal it must have been for them to waken and find their little corner of the world untouched. I was reading an article today about how the Public Gardens was demolished – it’s very sad to hear that – those months that I lived right across the gardens were solid, happy memories. I was looking at some of Dawn’s pictures of the devestation – it’s tears at my heart to see my hometown torn apart in that manner. In a way, I’m glad that I’m far enough away that I can avoid seeing the chaos :(. My family was telling me how on Monday, only Sackville Drive had power and a lot of residents from Halifax was flocking to the outskirts to get gas – but apparently, the gas stations were only selling gas to people who were Sackville residents, and even then, only $20 per customer. In Dawn’s blog, she mentioned how desperate coffee people were driving an hour into the valley to buy Tim Horton’s coffee when they discovered it was unavailable to them in the city – don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything more silly and pathetic in my life (have I ever mentioned before that I hate obsessive-coffee drinkers? The type that you can’t talk to before they get their morning dose, the type that drive sooooo sloooooow because they are fighting with the lid of their Tim’s cup and then savoring every sip. The type of people who come walk in carrying the biggest damn coffee you’ve ever seen and then comment, “I should have gotten two.” If you HAVE to have more than, say, 3 coffees a day, you’re lumped in this category. Addicts! Anyhoo… enough of that, their weakness not mine :).

What Else?

Nothing really.

Wednesday Whatevers

1. What is the best feeling in the world? Tay holding my hand as we fall asleep at night. A close second is that way Jago buries his face in my shoulder because he doesn’t want me to leave.

2. Do you seal letters with a kiss? Nope, can’t say I do :).

3. Do you have naturally perfect teeth or need/needed some sort of metal in your mouth? I have horrible teeth – it cost a lot of money and a lot of time to get them where they are now – I’ve had I don’t know how many root canals I’ve had, and I went through a week of uncomfortable sleeps to whiten them. I’ve had veneers done on the two front. It’s been worth it though, because now, I love to smile :).

7th Heaven

01. What kind of person or conversation could not hold your interest, even for five minutes? People that think they are better than everyone else.

02. How often are you self-conscious? Not very. Probably when I am naked and when I’m being flirted with :).

03. Do you enjoy everything from clubs to museums to movies to ice-skating? For the most part.

04. Do you care about the world? I try and be the best person I can be every day… if I didn’t care about the world, I don’t think I would bother.

05. Do you completely hide your emotions? Ummm… I don’t leave them out in the open, that’s for sure :).

06. Do you find obnoxious, emotional, open-minded, strong willed directions and artistic people fun and interesting? Obnoxious people bore me. Emotional people can be sooooo tiriiiiiing. Open-minded is a prerequisite. Strong-willed is valued. I don’t like this question because it seems to imply that artistic people are all of the above AND fun and interesting. I’m not sure THAT’s possible.

07. Do you require your friends to act the same way all the time or do you accept their moods and changes? Part of being friends with someone is accepting everything about them – including their moods and changes. If you expect an individual to always act the same way, then you’re not very good friends. Or friends at all.

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