Quote of the Day:

Badger, badger. Mushroooooooom.

Song of the Day:

Believe in Me, Lenny Kravitz


Workout: Hmmmph.

Water: 1.5 Ltrs.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all the past few nights, it must have been 1am last night before I drifted off – only to wake off and on through the night. So I didn’t get up to gym it at 7 like I should have, but chose instead to take advantage of the extra sleep before my meeting – and of course got stuck in traffic on my way to the United Way. I threw my gym bag in the trunk on my way to work – planned to workout after work, but ended up staying till 7 so no workout.


Sometime between 8:45pm and 9:30pm this evening I learned to drive stick. Bwahahaha!! Tay put the car on the street before he went out to run errands, and told me to go nuts. By the time he came back, I was going back and forth fairly smoothly – at least I had more smooth runs then stalled ones (I’m wondering what my neighbors are thinking, back and forth I went, over and over). Anyway, after Tay watched me a few times, I drove around the block. Then he got in the car with me and we drover around the block again. THEN we drove to ReNu’s. She got in the car and we drove around her block not once but TWICE. I stalled a few times – once at a 3way stop -I panicked in the presence of other cars, and then I had a hard time getting going with Renu in the car – when I finally got going she clapped suddenly and I stalled :). So then, we got in her car so she could show off HER driving skills :). Only a couple of panicky moments there – instead of reversing out of her driveway we started to inch forward – honest mistake (I’ve seen Tay do that 😉 and then at one point, she almost made a right turn when a SUV was coming – we convinced her to stop though. She’s not making any mistakes that weren’t ever made before, I think she just needs practice. And maybe a pillow to sit on so she can see where she is going ;).

Anyhow, I drove home, had a few sticky moments – Tay at one point asked me if I always drove this slow (Ummm, NO? 🙂 and then, when we were pulling into the driveway the car started to stall and he started saying Clutch, Clutch, CLUTCH! It’s comments like, “What part of clutch don’t you understand?” that aren’t conductive to my driving experience. Anyway, Bwahaha. I can at least go 🙂 :).

Speaking of driving…

On my way to work today, this police car followed me onto the highway then stayed behind me for quite awhile. So I’m on the gas, trying to keep it steady at about 107km on a stretch of highway that I normally do 120-130 on, and it’s killing me not to spead up, but cop-dude is holding steady behind me. Then we get behind a gargbage truck and it’s SOoOOs stinky and still, I don’t dare to pull out and pass the garbage truck with the cop trailing me. Ack!! Finally the garbage truck pulled into the right lane, the cop passed me and took the next exit and I was able to get moving :).

Daily Double

1. Do you blow dry your hair or do you just leave it and wait for it to dry? I let it air dry – especially when it’s short-short. But it’s getting long enough now I might need to consider blowdrying it.

2. Have you ever skinnydipped before? Nope, can’t say I have. The closest I came was one night I was up at the lake with a friend of mine (Evan) and I decided I wanted to swim so I stripped down to my bra and underwear and went in like that. I remember the underwear too, thin white cotton with little pink polka-dots. Evan had pretty strong feelings for me at that time, I’m not sure if it was cruel of me to do that or not, but if I remember correctly, he didn’t complain :).

What’s On…Right Now?

What’s On your menu for tonight’s dinner Right Now? I got home at 7:30, and was exhausted, Tay had grilled cheese and tomato soup, I had grilled cheese and chili (homemade, but I pulled it from the freezer).

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