Quote of the Day:

“@!*$ off, you !@$#ing car.”

Song of the Day:

Pinch Me, BareNaked Ladies


Workout: Weights, Upperbody (Chest, triceps), Abs & obliques, Cardio (25 minutes, bike).

Water: 1.5Ltrs

Yup, worked out today :). Realizing pretty quick why I prefer working out in the morning as opposed to the evening – the afterwork crowd are pretty rude. I had this woman come set up her mat right next to where I was doing my triceps – and she was so close, that when I went to alternate my sides, I had no room. I bristled at her, don’t think she noticed. Once I huffed and moved my bench slightly, she got the hint and went somewhere. Good riddance ;). I’m thinking I need to go back to getting up in the morning; it’s just bloody hard getting back into that routine. *sigh*

Annoyance of the Day

I was at an intersection this morning, in the left turning lane. The light was green, me and the car ahead of me was nosed out into the intersection. A car that was behind us came up along our right side and turned into the intesection from the outside. What makes a person think that they are soooo important that they can’t wait for the rest of the world?? Arcch.

Goddamn car from hell.

Went out in the Civic again tonight – I wish the damn thing would spontaneously combust in the middle of the night. Tay left me and the car on the street, he went into the garage to do some work. My success with driving stick is totally sporatic – one time, I go and it’s flawless – it’s as though I’ve been doing this forever. I try and do the same thing, and screw up. And again. And again. I understand the theory behind driving stick, it’s the actual doing that is screwing me up. Tay mentioned yesterday removing my stereo from the Integra and putting it in the Civic, and returning the basemodel to the Integra. Meaning I won’t be able to play CDs. This is bad news to me, but perhaps smart thinking on Tay’s part – an incentive of sorts. Perhaps he needs to just sell the Teg out from under me and then I’d learn to drive stick pretty damn quick. 🙂

Daily Double:

1. Do you have a CD/DVD burner? Yes to both.

2. What is your favourite tv channel? HBO. TLC is pretty good too :).

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