Quote of the Day:

Gel is essential when things get complicated. <– From The Good Thief

Song of the Day:

A Thousand Kisses Deep, Leonard Cohen


Workout: Didn’t happen.

Water: 1.5Ltrs so far.

Considering how hellish my life is right now in regards to work, it’s amazing I am still functioning – therefore, working out seems to be less of a priority then sleep. I asked Tay yesterday if he ever felt like he was asleep even though he was awake. I’m not happy that I’m not working out, just resigned I guess. I am contemplating going back to working out after work – it sucks waking up now at 6am and having it still pitch black – it’ll be worse when it gets colder. We’ll see what happens – but so far this week I only worked out Monday – what a slacker I am. Maybe tomorrow – we’ll see (I am an optimist :).

What Else?

Not sure if I mentioned this or not – but we did buy a Honda Civic Hatchback – we’re gonna sell the Integra, use the Civic as a winter car and then Tay is converting it into a race car in the summer and we’ll look at getting me something else to drive at that point, maybe an old gen Miata. I was pretty supportive of this whole plan at first, I’ve been getting tired with the Integra – it’s a wussy car and sucks pretty much performance-wise. I can’t trust my instincts driving the car, because I lack the faith that the car will do what I want, as quickly as I want it to. So I was all for selling the Integra, and getting something with more power, a little more speed. So we got the Civic, and I committed to learning to drive stick. I’m wondering now if I should have ever opened my mouth – because I’m having a nightmarish time trying to learn to drive standard :(. Tay took me out for my second lesson last night and it was pretty terrible – all I’ve been able to do is drive forward about 20 feet and then reverse 20 feet. Picture me going back and forth in front of my house, late at night. Gotta wonder what my neighbors think ;). Anyhow, not sure what the issue is, if it’s Tay making me nervous, or if subconsciously, I’m setting myself up to fail, or what the deal is. Doesn’t help either that there’s a lot of pressure on me to get the hang of this – the sooner we sell the Teg the better. Tay and I were talking last night (after the fiasco in the car where he was basically snapping at me and I was literally pulling on my hair), and he was being sympathetic, telling me I just had the wrong attitude – that I can do anything I set my mind to. I tried explaining to him that mentally I have a difficult time with failure – considering I grew up in a house where it seemed like nothing was ever good enough – I got a 90 on a test and the response I’d get was why not 100? So that’s why I give up on things so easily – I’d rather give up then try and fail. Just part of who I am – and though I know I need to get past that attitude, it’s a difficult mental block.

Anyhow… I’m currently hating the Civic – Tay, of course, is all gung-ho to get me out on it – he thinks I’ll be road-ready a week from now. Hmmmph. We’ll see, I guess – next driving lesson is tonight, after he gets back from his Hada meeting.

That’s it for now.. I ‘m heading to Renu’s shortly – going to try and get my eyebrows waxed on my way – but sometimes, the guy that runs the shop I go to is like the SoupNazi from Seinfeld and I might not get in ;).

Daily Double

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

1. Which month do you like the most? I love September and December both equally – and not because of my birthday and Christmas, but because they are beautiful times of year to me. In September, I love the onset of fall, the changing colors, the smell to the air, how precious those warm days are, and the novelty of those crisp sweater days. In December, I love the promise of Christmas, the smell of Christmas tress and cinnamon, the good that I see in people, the spirit and goodwill. The thought of ice skating, windowshopping, caroling reminds me of how beautiful the world can be.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Renu and I did a count a couple of months ago – I was just over 20 (this includes shoes, sneakers, sandals, flip flops). I just got a pair of shoes for my birthday so I am thinking I’m at like 23… I don’t think that’s a lot – I should get some more :).

7th Heaven

01. Would you ever date someone outside of your race or religion? Definitely – I think those differences make things interesting.

02. Which of the 7 deadly sins in the worst (gluttony, greed, pride, lust, envy, wrath, sloth)? Gluttony – it’s the one that bothers me the most to witness.

03. Which one are you most guilty of? Pride.

04. What would you want a free season pass to? Hmmm… a ski resort is the only thing that comes to mind.

05. Would you tell someone you loved him or her if they didn’t say it first? Before, probably not. But I think I’m comfortable enough with myself to do so.

06. What are you the most sensitive about? I dunno… I could say the white hairs I’m getting (it’s a streak actually) or the few extra pounds I haven’t managed to lose.. but that’s not legit because those things really don’t bug me a lot so… I guess my diet perhaps – I feel like I have to justify when I eat poorly (or excessively) and I shouldn’t have to, but I do.

07. What can you talk about for hours? Books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen. The Sims. Good television shows. Stupid beliefs that the Catholic church promotes. Religion in general. Homosexuality, abortion. Genocide, misogyny, female infantcide. People I love.

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