Quote of the Day:

“It’s bonus time, but you knew that, of course.” <– The Clinique girl's greeting to me as I browsed the counter :).

Song of the Day:

Five Days in May – Blue Rodeo


Workout: UpperBody Weights (Chest, triceps), Abs and Cardio (20 Minutes, Bike).

Water: 1.5 Ltrs

After a week of fast-food, Snapple and sour candy in the theatre, I’m frightened to get on the scale :). Went back to the gym today and it was nice to be back, though I took it easy. I’m thinking this week will be my warmup so that I can get accustomed to be back at the gym – and ease myself into my workout routine.

Exciting News!

Jody and Andy are coming to visit Tay and me next month. Andy is coming from England to visit Jody and then they are driving up to TO for a visit. Andy told Jody that he’d like to see her sisters again and have a chance to meet Tay. I have some lieu time accumulated at work, so I’ll get to take a couple of days off when they are here. I can’t wait. Hoorah! 🙂

Still my eyes are sore..

A week of movies took their toll on my eyes, not too mention a day of catchup in front of my computer at work – today went fairly smoothly though, Cathy apparently pulled the staff aside and told them to stay away from me – it’s going to be a busy next couple of weeks and apparently people are anxious for me to be back. I was glad to be left alone – and as a result I was able to wade through the work that was waiting on my desk. Anyhow, my eyes hurt and I’m fairly exhausted so I haven’t much to say tonight..

Found a great place that lists numerous memes for everyday of the week – It’s called The Memes List.

Monday Madness:

(From August 3rd, 2003)

1. What’s a situation in your life that you felt totally unsure in, or lacking in confidence in? My writing, for sure. I need constant reassurance that I should be writing, that I’m not wasting my time. It’s one of the reasons why I’m always so hesitant to submit my work, or to write in the first place.

2. What aspect of your life do you feel that you have the most confidence in dealing with? My job/career – I have no doubt that I do it extremely well.

3. Is there any one outfit you own that when you wear it, you feel totally confident or able to take on the world? I have a few outfits that make me feel that way but each is best for different situations – my black suit, for one, with the tailored jacket and the long-long skirt makes me feel powerful. My black shirt-dress worn with sandals makes me feel sexy and alluring. Even some of my workout clothes make me feel strong and in control – like I can do anything.

I think that’s all I have in me for now… So good night! 🙂

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