Quote of the Day:

“Peas on earth, dammit!” <– So said by Tay.

Song of the Day:

Work It, Missy Elliott

Today is my birthday :).

We have two movies today at TIFF, both are movies that I really want to see – In the Cut, with Meg Ryan and A Nation Without Women. We also might try and rush 21Grams (the movie we waited 3 hours for on Monday but never got in to see). Afterwards, we have dinner reservations at 8 – Tay, Dawn and me, C&E, Irene and possibly Sandra. Dawn got up this morning and made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, which I drank with a Pepsi. I *love* my birthday :).

I am 28 today and not overly bothered by it… for a little while now, I’ve been feeling as though these are the years that happpen just prior to your life really beginning – I don’t think I can explain. Just that I think your 20’s is your learning period and your 30’s is your living period, if that makes sense.

Anyhow, none of it matters since I am still age 6 at heart :).

TIFF (Movies so Far)

Veronica Guerin – True story about journalist Veronica Geurin who investigated the presence of drugs on the streets of Ireland. Solid movie, but didn’t seem really TIFF-worth – more like a movie you might want to rent from Blockbuster. Tay summarized it nicely by saying that it succeeded only because it was based on a true story.

Les Triplettes de Belleville Animated french film with very little dialogue but with great music. Clever movie – it was genius how exaggerated so much of it was, the way it was taken to extremes. Very cute movie – my favorite part was when the triplettes performed on stage with their fridge, newspaper and vacuum :).

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Ennnh. I felt bad because the director was sitting two rows behind us and I kept dozing off – and as a result, doing that head jerking thing. Hope he didn’t see :).

The Grudge Umm… hmm.. Japanese horror movie that had potential because it defintely had it’s moments, but didn’t work because the whole thing didn’t really make any sense :).


Malcolm McDowell

Chloë Sevigny

Wednesday What-If

1. What if you were assured a wish come true when you blew out your birthday candles — what would you wish for?I’d wish for continued healthy, happiness and prosperity. (Maybe 3 wishes but let’s pretend it’s one :).

2. What if you could do one thing on your birthday — what would it be?Swim in the ocean.

3. What if you could spend your birthday with one other person — who would it be?I am already spending my bday with Tay and Dawn – the only person missing from the mix is Renu.

4. What if every gift you got for your birthday was the opposite of what you wanted — how would you feel/handle it? As much as I pretend, birthdays aren’t about gifts, it’s about being with the people you love. Though, you would think the people you loved would buy you things you like ;).

5. What if you could go back in time and completely change the way one of your past birthdays went — which one would it be, and what would you change about it? I had one birthday that was crap – nobody called me to wish me happy birthday and the small birthday I planned the night before was a waste – my friends deserted me early and the friend who was responsible for the cake brought a half-baked cake. If I could change it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered, or not cared so much.

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