Quote of the Day:

“Stop threatening me with that giraffe.” <– From The Green Butchers

Song of the Day:

“Midnight at the Oasis.”

TIFF Update (Movies So Far):

Elephant: Stark and real, but subtle and very neutral in it’s approach. I was very tense throughout the majority of the movie because of anticipation – just waiting for things to go wrong. Tay didn’t like it as much as Bowling for Columbine, I liked it more. It was hard to watch but definitely worth it; something everyone needs to see. At the end, Gus Van Sant did a Q&A and some of the cast were there – I had a hard time seeing the kid that played Alex because he did such a convincing job in the movie. It was unnerving.

Lost In Translation: A good, solid movie with quite a few funny moments; Bill Murray was excellent; Giovanni absolutely beautiful; I would have his children :). It’s quickly fading, though, in light of some of the movies we’ve recently seen. Almost didn’t get to see it, we rushed it, had two tickets sold to us and then we needed a three – I aggressively sought out a third when I saw a guy come along and go to put his hand in his pocket. Before he opened his mouth I was there, cash in hand. Cut off a poor old guy, who I believe said, “Give it to her, she seems to really want it.” Dawn says my cleavage is what got me the ticket. Hey, whatever works ;).

The Green Butchers: Goddamn funny movie – easily the funniest movie I have seen it a very long time. Very dark, and actually, a little sad at moments (ie. Scenes with the twin brother)but excellent. The writing was genius, the acting was brilliant. I laughed so much, I gave myself a headache. Probably the top movie on my list (so far).

Pieces of April: This was terrific, very poignant. I’m finding myself a little in awe of how well-written some of these movies are. This movie had a stong impact on me, I was weepy through some of it – I guess because it’s a very emotional film. I loved it :).

Casa de los Babys: Ennnnh. Such an ambitious subject with such a star-studded cast, you wonder how it could fail. But it was very shallow, barely scratched the surface. The director did a Q&A afterwards, what a pretentious bore he was.

Star-spottings (Ie. “Isn’t that What’s-his-face?”):

~ Gus Van Sant and some of the principal cast from Elephant.

~ Joshua Jackson at the screening for Wonderland ~ I saw him at the edge of the crowd and turned to Dawn and said, “Hey, isn’t that What’s-his-name?” Then everyone saw him and swarmed :).

~ Benicio Del Toro ~ he stepped out of the limo for the 21 Grams premiere ~ saw his face through the crowd. We waited 3 hours in the rush line for this movie and they didn’t let in a SINGLE person. ARGGH.

Sunday Brunch (on Tuesday).

Let’s say you are stranded on a deserted island…

1. What one item would you want to have necessary for survival?A hiking kit.

2. Could you start a fire?Probably, but it would take me a while.

3. Would you be able to kill animals or eat bugs for food?It’d be difficult, but probably (ie. if I was hungry enough).

4. Would you tan all over or still wear some clothes? Somethings shouldn’t be exposed to the sun (ie, who wants sun damage THERE?) so some clothes.

5. Who in the one person you would miss the most?Tay.

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