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“You make her sound like she’s your archenemy.” <–Taylor in a conversation about HER.

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I’m working an extra 16 hours this weekend because of SSS, so my plan was to take Wednesday afternoon off since it was mine and Tay’s anniversary – I worked through my lunch, and didn’t leave until 3 when I wanted to be gone by 1. Got home after dropping off some work for Renu to do (she is picking up some volunteer hours through me and helping me out at the same time), got changed and Tay and I headed downtown to see Bjork in concert. We got home around midnight. Worked non-stop all day, only to leave work 45 minutes late, rushed home showered and changed and met Daniel in Port Credit for the SSS Gala dinner. Left early and came home to be with Tay – after tonight, we will hardly see each other until Sunday. Tomorrow I have a ton of crap to wrap up before taking vacation time next week – then I need to be back in Port Credit from 5-11 for SSS, then again Saturday 11am-11pm. Sunday Dawn arrives (Hoorah! Will be good to see her!) and so begins the TIFF, where life will grind to a halt for an entire week, where all we do basically is go to movies, wait in line to see movies, eat whenever we can and stumble home to sleep. It will be a blast :). I am currently having a hard time keeping my eyes open, but wanted to give a heads up. Posts in my blog over the next week or so may be sporatic at best.

Bjork is a cool dancer

The concert last night was terrific, I really enjoyed it – the concert was on Toronto Island so they could shoot off fireworks and that was pretty intense – not only were there huge fireworks going off above the stage, but she had flumes of fire shooting up from the stage and she was dancing in her puppet-way up and down the stage. The best was when she sang Bachelorette and Human Behavior. We arrived on the island a little before six – she didn’t go on until 9, and the concert was in a park, so we were sitting on the grass for about 3 hours. It was great though, because even though Tay and I were surrounded by hundreds of people, it was like we were totally alone. We reminisced about our past anniversaries and talked about where we will go someday with all the airmiles Tay has collected (we have enough for anywhere in North America, we’re thinking Hawaii or Barbados, maybe for a honeymoon ;).

We’re a pot-loving nation

All around us last night were people smoking pot – I found it slightly surreal to be sitting in public watching people pass around joints – I watched this one man who had to be near his 40’s dragging off a joint. He had one legged rolled up, the other pant leg down but it didn’t look like he cared too much :).Too much smoke, I felt it in my lungs trying to sleep that night, and my skin is a little blotchy because of it, but the whole experience was pretty cool. Very mellow crowd for Bjork ;).

Wednesday What-If

From June 11th, 2003

These are wacky.

1. What if you had to choose whether to die in one week, or, starting tomorrow, live your life backwards until you cease to exist (meaning, you wake up tomorrow and it was two days ago, and the next day it was three days before that, and so forth, through your entire life, until before you were born)? I’d live my life backwards – all the best moments of my life have happened in the past ;).

2. What if you had to choose whether to die tomorrow, or live out the rest of your life as a tree?I’d be a tree.

3. What if you had to choose whether to, starting next week, live out the rest of your life alone in Antartica (with enough supplies to last but zero hope of rescue or escape) and be allowed one day of “going home” per year, or agree to go with the friendly aliens that landed in your backyard to explore other worlds for the rest of your life without ever once returning for even a visit?Umm…hmm… where do these questions come from, and why do I do them? ;). Let’s go with the aliens.

4. What if you had to choose whether to be imprisoned five days per week for the rest of your life, or contract sudden, incurable amnesia, and never remember who you really were or see anyone you loved again?Ummm…. imprisonment.

5. What if, upon your death, you had to choose whether to unsuccessfully roll that big boulder up that hill in Hell for eternity, or simply cease to exist? Simply cease to exist.

Worth-noting: I seem to have picked a bad time to start blogging – a lot of the meme’s are shutting down – Tuesday This-or-That, Wednesday What-Ifs are just two :(.

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