Today is Tay and mine’s anniversary – it’s been nine years since what? Since we first kissed? We first realized there was something there that wasn’t just friendship? Nine years. Holy cow. 🙂

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

Quote of the Day:

We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in

retrospection. ~ Anais Nin

Song of the Day:

What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

Putting Pen to Paper

Tonight, after kissing Tay goodbye, the smell of his aftershave embedded itself into my clothing, and still, all I can smell is him. It’s little things like this that are embedding themselves lately and making me write. Today’s results are at my writing blog.


Workout: Upperbody Weights (Chest, triceps), Abs & Cardio (20 minutes, bike).

Water: 1Ltr

My plan was to workout on my way home from work but Tay called on my cell to say that he would be dynoing at 8pm with the boys, so I adjusted my workout to later – so we could eat dinner together and watch Identity, which Tay rented today. Working out later worked better for me, I

just wasn’t quite in that mood on my way from work (work is going to be hellishly busy the next couple of days). Amazing how much time I get in the day when I finish work at 4:30 :). So I hit the gym around 9pm, had a good workout. Hard to believe that I will be back there in 8 hours


On this Day…

Today I made a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation in Nova Scotia… because I haven’t forgotten Dawn’s little sister, Robyn. She would have been 25 today.

I put her name in Yahoo and this is what I found:

“I was five years old and I was in the hospital for open heart surgery when he visited the hospital. I believe it was for promo’s but he was on my ward and he came in. We talked about what I had to have done and how he hoped that I was gonna be OK. He signed a card for me that is long gone (sob) and from then on I have always respected him and thought he was the greatest in the world. I guess it’s because he gave me hope and brightened up my day! I’ll never forget that… ” (From a Steve Yzerman fan website).

She was, without a doubt, the bravest person I have ever known.

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