Quote of the Day:

“Mrs. Krabappel, why don’t you live with Mr. Krabappel?”

“Because Mr. Krabappel followed something soft and fluffy down a rabbit hole.”
<–From what else, The Simpsons :).

Song of the Day:

Come Away With Me, Norah Jones

Writing Success

I sat at my computer earlier this evening and wrote myself into darkness, finally getting up to turn on a lamp when my eyes protested. The results are at my writing blog.


Workout: Weights (Lower body), abs & obliques and cardio (Bike, 15 minutes).

Water: 3Ltrs (Lost count while drowning in it :).

Despite my diet sabotage of the past couple of weeks, I haven’t gained any weight – am still at 166. This is my last weekend to get this junk food-bingeing out of my system – it really makes me feel pretty blah to eat the way that I have been. I was glad to get back to the gym today – glad to see it’s much the same. I saw this girl today that works out usually in the mornings when I go, she is small and wiry and very dark – if I had to guess where she is from, I would say some place like Trinidad – and she’s always on the body trek. I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic gymmer – in fact, watching her go, she looks an awful lot like a Sim, you almost expect to see an athletic bar above her head filling up with blue lines ;).

What compels people?

I was in the grocery store today (buying ripe avocadoes for guacamole – the store yesterday had none that were ripe enough) and I got in the line in the checkout in time to hear this woman in at the register lecturing the cashier about having goals and being ambitious. I heard her ask this girl if she really wanted to work in a grocery store for the rest of her life, and this should only be a temporary thing while she went to school so that she could have a real career. I’m not sure why, but that kind of CRAP irks me to no end, maybe because it’s so goddamn condescending and it’s absolutely NONE of this woman’s business – she knows nothing about this girls situation or her goals and aspirations yet here she is taking it upon herself to lecture her. What if she WANTED to work a grocery store for the rest of her life, what would that mean? That she’d be unworthy? I guess in the eyes of this one shopper ya. Get over yourself, geeez. I see this happening and I make the following assumptions: Either this woman is a) a bitter, unfulfilled housewife/mom with no career, or b) being confronted by her own kids who are lazy bums and not interested in doing anything or c) she’s a little too zealous about her own career and she needs to flash her superiority a little bit. I’m not sure I even care – somebody should SHHH her Dr. Evil style. (“That was a pre-emptive “sh!” Now, I have a whole bag of “sh!” with your name on it.”)

What Else?

Renu and Helen came over for lunch today – we ate on the patio under the umbrella – it was a perfect day for it. You can tell that fall is on it’s way, the air is crisp and cool and yesterday, on my way from work I saw both a flock of geese flying south and leaves falling from the trees. Renu asked if she could bring the kids – I hated to do it but I advised against it – I wanted this to be a chance for me, her and Helen to just eat and chat – get caught up on things – and it would have been so complicated with Jayant there. He would have been bouncing off the walls asking me if we could play Nintendo-arcade games-chinese checkers, and if I said no, then it would be “I’m bored”. I know this kid too well. I told Renu this and said it be okay if she brought Jago, I didn’t think he’d be much trouble. And he wasn’t until he got too hot on the patio and cried till we took him inside but apparently Jayant doesn’t like me now because I excluded him from the visit. Poor kid :(. I know it’s hard for Renu sometimes, I think I put pressure on her to do stuff without her kids and she feels torn, but at the same time, I think she needs the break from her kids and sometimes, I need a break from her kids too :). Lunch was good though, I had a good time – I like spending time with the the two of them, it reminds me of when we used to work together and carpool everyday. After Renu left, I showed Helen some of my clothes (she’d asked to borrow some things from her honeymoon) and I told her to help herself to whatever she wants. It was bizarre watching her trying on my clothes, they look so different on her then on me, particularily my shirts because she’s very small through the chest. It’s funny to how for so long, I used to envy people for their bodies and now, it turns out that I’m the one being envied :). Go figure :).

Weekly Wrap-Up#1 Crush

1. What is the earliest crush you can remember having? Who was it? How old were you? And what did you do about it? I had a huge crush on a boy named Shawn when I was in the fifth grade and one day during class his best friend told me that Shawn wanted to go steady with me. I was going through a very awkward stage in grade five – I was the only girl in my glass wearing a training bra and the boys were noticing – and I didn’t believe that it was true, I thought it was a joke. When I said no, he ended up asking my best friend at the time and I was devastated. A couple of years later, we were walking back to the school after an impromptu science field trip and Shawn carried my books for me – but I hadn’t grown out of my awkward stage by then either – and I think after that he gave up on me. Oh well :).

2. What celebrity did you obsess over as a teenager? How did your tastes change, if at all, during your teenage years? I went through the whole NKOTB obsession with Dawn – my bedroom walls were plastered with Jordan Knight posters. We used to fantasize about being NKOTB roadies and Jordan and Joe falling in love with us. About ten years after I got over my obsession, I found out Jordan Knight was coming here to promote his single that he did sans NKOTB and I considered going, for old times sake, but I got the dates mixed up :). I think if I had met him I still would have gone weak-kneed, there’s still something about the way he looks that is pretty damn sexy ;).

3. What kind of crushes (i.e., real people vs celebrities) do you have now? Are they fleeting or long-lasting? How? I infatuate pretty easily – I think because it took me a long time to understand myself and be comfortable with who I am (a late bloomer to say the least) so I still get a kick out of being flirted with (or am uncomfortable with it, depending on who it is). As a result, I think I am still prone to little crushes but they evaporate pretty fast – usually it’s as I get to know a person better. But sometimes they stick – I’ve been with Tay for 9 years and I still have a crush on him :).

4. What would you do now if you were face to face with your #1 crush from childhood or teenage years? I’m sure I’d tell them how I felt back then, and I’d be happy to admit it – because all these little things add up to the person I am today.

5. Who is your #1 crush today? Why? Oh that’s easy. Giovanni Ribisi. *LOVE* him. If he came up to me on the street and asked me to marry him, well, I would!

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