Quote of the Day:

“Can I tell you something?”

Song of the Day:

The Way I Am ~ Eminem


Workout: Nada

Water: About 2Ltrs

Going back to the gym tomorrow! Hoorah; it’s time.

Grocery Store Etiquette

I went for my groceries this evening; just as I was finishing in the produce section, there was this little kid shouting out to his friend over the apples and the bananas. After about his fourth holler of “SHAWN!”, I heard his father call him over. He then proceeded to scold his son, asking him how many times has he been told that he is to behave himself in the grocery store; Dad wanted to know how many other shoppers were shouting at the top of their lungs. He then told his son that at all times they have to remember to respect other people and be considerate of them. I stood and listened to the whole conversation in awe – this is probably the first time I’d ever heard a parent take the time to properly discipline their child in a public place – so many other parents ignore the misbehavior of their kids – either their too tired or just don’t care, or they just dispurse threats that obviously mean nothing because the kids continue on with their spoiled self. Anyhow, I rather enjoyed this Dad’s manner of dealing with his son; he obviously wasn’t impressed with his Big-Mouthed Kid but he spoke to him in a way that I knew if I was a kid, I’d listen up :). (By the way, late Friday night’s are a great time to grocery shop – it’s not as busy as Saturday’s but all the stock boys are out stocking up for the Saturday mayhem, so not only do you get fresh produce and the stuff you want, but also, if you can’t find it, there is no shortage of help).

I’m SOOOOO glad you saved yourself 20 cents you stupid-stupid woman!

I have a knack for picking out the problem shoppers to get behind in the checkout line – never fails. The woman I was behind tonight decided AFTER her order was rung up that “Hmmm.. Ya, I don’t THINK I need five bulbs of garlic; I want to take one out.” So the cashier had to void the thing of garlic, remove a bulb, reweigh it, and then total up the woman’s order. And because she was having trouble with the void, the whole process took FOREVER. The woman’s bill before the garlic removal was $10.71. Afterwords, it came to $10.51. TWENTY CENTS!

Pass me that wrench?

When I got home from grocery shopping, Tay and his friend Krispy were in the garage working on the MR2 – fixing the gaskets, whatever that means. They’ve got the whole garage lit up with bright lights – it looks like they’re shooting a movie. The car is up on it’s jacks, both boys were underneath working away, Eminem on the CD player behind them. I dunno, there’s something about guys working on cars that just does it for me – even Krispy was looking good and usually I’m all like “Ennh”. I’m not sure what it is, the dirty fingernails, the grease on the cheeks. There was a mechanic Tay was using at the Toyota dealership a while back, I think his name was Victor – he had a total chip on his shoulder; but he had that whole grease-smudge thing going for him too – he was hot! I think if I was given the choice between Tay in his coveralls or Tay in Armani… the coveralls win it ;).

I think we’re the best in Nintendo…

It was Irene’s birthday today so Renu invited her to come over with me for lunch. Before Irene arrived Jayant and I were playing a bit of Nintendo – Mario 3. I taught him to fly with his tail – previously he’d been having trouble getting airborne. He’s getting so much better at Nintendo now – when we were talking about it, he declared that he and I must be the best Nintendo players. Glad to be mentioned up there with him :). Renu mentioned to me the other week that Jayant has been asking her so many questions lately, and whenever she is unsure of the answer, he apparently dismisses her by saying that he will ask Tawny :). This kid is getting so smart; more and more each day. I think he’s going to be the arrogant-kind of smart too – I can already see a bit of it peeking through in the way he responds with “I KNOW THAT” to so many things you tell him. I told Renu today that I think Jayant will be the smart, serious one and Jago is going to be the charming trouble-maker. Jago was being shy with Irene being there, couple of times he’d come into my arms and hide his face in my shoulder – I love how comfortable he is with me now. I especially love it when I will hold my arms out to him and he will run and throw himself into my arms – there’s something about his total faith that I will catch him that makes me want to be there to catch him always. Renu says he is really starting to know me now – and that he doesn’t like it when I leave, he gets a little sulky. When Renu walked me to my car today, I rolled down the window after getting in… put my arms out to Jago and he came right through the window to sit in my lap. When Renu tried to get him to come back to her, he wouldn’t. Gotta love being loved like that :).

The Friday Five

August 30, 2002

1. What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own? Right now it’s this sleeveless little Guess top that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s black with little white and mauve flowers, it’s cut low in the front and low in the back and ties at the shoulder. It cost like $75 and I paid full price for it – usually I can wait for a sale.

2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire? I would love to have a knee-length leather jacket in the softest leather – in a nice chocolate brown or a soft, soft beige. Something that would look fabulous with high boots, and soft winter scarves.

3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why? I have this heavy wool sweater from J. Crew… it’s a soft beige, it’s unravelling at the cuffs, it’s been worn and washed so many times it really has no shape to it… but I love it. It’s my cozy sweater for those perfect fall days when the leaves are dancing and the wind is lifting your hair.

4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in? I have a pair of Gap jeans, bought recently in a much smaller size than I normally wear, and they fit me perfectly – I love how small they make me look, the way the fit hug through the hips, and how the length is suitable for any footwear.

5. What has been your biggest fashion accident? I remember in junior high school wearing pointy black flat shoes with white socks. I don’t know what I was thinking – but I snapped out of it pretty quick – I was obsessed with black trouser socks before very long.

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