Quote of the Day:

“See that Queen there? Her name is Smithers.” <– Mr. Burns, from the Simpsons

Song of the Day:

Desert Rose, Sting


Workout: Nada

Water: 2Ltrs (at least).

My weightloss is on hiatus until further notice ;).

Seriously.. this is the last week from summer hours – starting Monday, we’ll be working 8:30-4:30 again, M-F. Hoorah! I can’t believe how difficult that extra hour a day has been to get through – and being to work at 8 after working out has been challenging. (What am I talking about – getting to work for 8 WITHOUT a workout has been challenging ;)) So Saturday I will be starting fresh with my workout schedule (and my diet, which by the way, has been horrid as of late – let’s not even talk about my resolutions that I made ;).

Ask and you shall receive…

Renu asked me yesterday if a very rich man (with at least twenty MILLION dollars šŸ˜‰ came along and fell in love with me and wanted to whisk me into a fairy tale romance (ie, big wedding, big house, fancy cars) would I leave Tay for this rich-rich man. Lately, I’ve been comparing Tay and mine’s level of happiness from before (when we were doing fairly well money-wise) and now (which has been a bit of a struggle) and to be honest.. I think we are happier now. Well, I think *I’m* happier, I don’t know for sure that Tay is. Which means, I’m not so sure that money is everything – it certainly doesn’t buy happiness, I don’t think. When I was much younger, I used to tell people that someday, I would marry a rich man and instead of having a career, I would fill my days working for a charity, doing volunteer work. So, a few years ago, I was in a position to do such a thing.. and I didn’t. I kept procrastinating and procrastinating, being greedy with my time and then I missed the opportunity and had to go back to work. So fast-forward to the past year – after making decent money at TLL and my resulting layoff, I made the conscious decision to take on this job (charity work, obviously not a lot of money) when things were still a little tight financially and I’ve been happy with my decision, even though budgeting with a 30% pay cut has been frustrating at times. And NOW when it looks like our situation might be improving… it has suddenly dawned on me that I might just be getting what I asked for originally :). I still want a nice car (Lexus would be fine, but maybe a beamer šŸ˜‰ and a big house, and a swimming pool but I don’t need it to be happy..I think I have what I need to be happy and no fancy suave millionaire will convince me otherwise – at least I don’t think ;).

More to come later – Irene is pestering me to go for lunch. Mmmm – FOOD :).

Note to self: While shopping at Costco, ALWAYS get a cart.

I had to stop at Costco on my way home – we’re out of SlimFast, chicken and beef. I didn’t bother with a cart because I was only getting a couple of things. I ALWAYS do this to myself. After I got the chicken and the beef, I got 4Ltrs of milk (the bagged kind) and then grabbed some fresh mushrooms. On my way out, I realized how late it was getting so I grabbed one of the rotisserie chickens too, for dinner. Then the SlimFast. I manage ok carrying it through the Costco until I get to the checkouts and it’s gridlocked – and of course, in the line I finally decide to get in, the cashiers do a switch over. (If that doesn’t happen, then the yahoo in front of me writes a cheque. It never fails.) So I’m standing there, holding 5 lbs of beef, 4lbs of chicken, a gallon of milk, and a warm rotisserie chicken and I feel like I’m going to drop everything because not only are my arms getting tired, but the heat from the chicken is making me really warm and I’m starting to sweat. And the line ahead of me isn’t moving. I was just about to pile everything on the floor by my feet when I see this young girl, maybe 10, so pretty too, coming towards me with an empty cart. “Excuse me,” she says. “Do you need a cart?” It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen such a genuinely kind gesture like that, that I was stunned. I just looked at her, and then I thanked her and her smile was so warm and beautiful that it struck me so suddenly that it’s moments like these that make everything else worth it.

Gas! Gas! Where’s the gas?

Last week we bough a Honda Civic VX Hatchback – our plan is to sell the Integra – use the Civic as a winter car, then in the spring convert the Civic to a race car for Tay and get me something else to drive – like an old gen Miata or something. On paper, the idea sounds great…in reality, well.. there’s just one obstacle, which is painfully becoming obvious – I’ve gotta learn to drive stick. Tay and me washed our cars together this evening (talk about quality time together šŸ˜‰ and then Tay took me out tonight – the first fifteen minutes were torture – not only am I intimidated by the idea of driving standard – this is a challenge i have not been able to overcome over the years, but it didn’t help that I had Tay beside me. I’m nervous driving the Teg with him in the car with me, imagine me trying to release the clutch ;). Anyway, after a number of stalled attempts and one successful take-off, tay comes up with the idea of my revving the engine and holding the needle at 1.5 rpms while slowly coming off the clutch. And it worked!! So I spent about a half an hour driving up and down the block – first forward, then in reverse. Our neighbors probably think we’ve lost it :). So we made a little bit of progress, not a lot but a little. At least I know I can get the car to move :).

Looking for Mars

We took a ride after my driving fiasco – went by Renu’s to show her the car then she came along with us to the video store. On the way back her and Tay got in an argument over what she thinks is Mars – she bet Tay $10 that the bright white light in the sky was Mars, Tay told her she was crazy and that it was a plane. I gotta agree with Tay on this one but she was pretty adamant. It was funny to watch her and Tay argue like they did – not many people will tell Tay point blank that he’s wrong. When we got home we stood in the front yard for a few moments, studying the sky… such a beautiful night, the air is crisp and cool, but we only saw a few stars (and some planes ;). Tay saw Mars the other night at Cayuga – he mentioned tonight that it’s pretty low and a faint orange as well – and not glaringly there either. Poor Renu — now Tay is calling her the ‘junior astronomer’ :).

The Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

From July 31st, 2003

1. How much more income would you need to significantly affect your day-to-day life? At least double what I make now… anything less would affect it to a certain degree, but not significantly, I don’t think (plus you’d have to double it to make it substantial.)

2. At what point would you (did you) no longer feel responsible to pay for something your child did, e.g., vandalism? I think as soon as kids are old enough to know better, then it’s time for them to start assuming responsibility for the things they do. I’d be there to help them and support them, but they’d need to be accountable – I think there are too many kids out there who currently don’t understand what consequences are I think that needs to change.

3. If you could go back in time and avert any tragedy in American history, what one would you choose? Columbine. We were watching Bowling for Columbine last week (we’d seen it at TIFF the year prior) and watching the live footage from the highschool made my heart hurt so badly. Senseless violence like that has no reason, no purpose. Innocent children being murderered, it makes no sense – it should never have happened.


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