Quote of the Day:

“When a guy is buying you alcohol, it’s never platonic.” <– So said by Daniel.

Song of the Day:

Pinch Me, BareNaked Ladies


Workout: Nada

Water: 2Ltrs Monday, today? .5Ltrs so far.

So… I woke up yesterday and in my sleepy state I decided that I wouldn’t be going to the gym. My next thought was that I was going to be taking a WEEK off from the gym, and I didn’t care! (A lot of thinking for 6am ;). When I went to work, I threw my gym bag in the car in case I changed my mind but of course I didn’t – yesterday was also TIFF selection day, so I knew there’d be lots to do once I got home. And so I didn’t go this morning either – just didn’t want to. Not sure what is happening, if I am in a workout slump or bored or plateauing or what. I’m not discouraged, I know that much, because I still love the gym and workingout, but this week, I just don’t feel like going. Maybe it’s because as of late I’ve been feeling really good about myself and how I look – even though I still have a few lbs to go, I’m not focused on that so much anymore. Right now what I care about is how my clothes are fitting…and well, I’m liking it. Today’s outfit, by the way, is my sleeveless striped shirt that snaps up and my Old Navy Beach capris that ride low on my hips, and khaki colored flip-flops from the Gap.


We got the festival film guide yesterday; Tay went down to pick it up. When I got home, it meant going through the 250 movies and figuring out which ones we wanted to see and then try and figure out a film schedule so that they don’t overlap. When we found out Dawn was coming up for the festival, we upped our usual coupon book of 30 to 40, thinking that would be enough tickets for all 3 of us. Looks like we were too conservative in our purchase – with almost 30 movies on our YES list and another dozen (at least) on our MAYBE list, we could use another 20 tickets :). We did the best we could though, made sure to cover off the movies we reallly wanted to see, and the movies that we thought would sell out. For the rest of them (there’s probably another 6 or so movies) we’re going to try and buy tickets when they go on sale on Sept-3 (we need to be downtown that day anyway, for Bjork). I’m excited about our selection – we put down Elephant, which according to Tay, is being rumored as being the best film at the festival this year. Others worth mentioning is Love Actually, by the same guy who did 4 Weddings & a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s and Notting Hill, and Lost In Translation, which looks great too In the Cut is there (playing on my bday) with Meg Ryan, we’re also trying to get tickets for a Hindi movie called A Nation Without Women, a movie about female genocide in India and a woman who’s father marries her off to what ends up being five sons.

The whole selection took us about 6 hours – with a 30 minute break for me to make dinner… we finished at midnight *insert surprised smiley here*. So far, we don’t have any 5film days, which is unusual for us – but there’s always movies that are selling tickets day of – so that could change. I hope that Dawn knows what she’s getting herself into ๐Ÿ™‚ :). My only disappointment so far is that I’m going to miss I Love Your Work, the Adam Goldberg film that’s starring Giovanni Ribisi. If you know me you know I love-love-love Giovanni, and the thought of him possibly being at this premiere and me missing it is KILLING me. (I have to work a stupid-stupid-stupid fundraiser for work the Friday night and ALL day Saturday *weeps*.) Tay was planning on seeing it, which upset me to NO END, but now he’s just informed me that he’s got a conflict, which pleases me because a) I don’t want to hear about how great it was and b) I don’t want to know if he shows up or not.

Serenity Now…

Irene and I talked yesterday about going away overnight to a spa sometime in the fall. We did some research online and decided to go to the Woodlawn Inn in Cobourg – we’re going with the Serenity Spa Full Day Package, which includes a facial, a 1Hr swedish massage, pedicure, manicure and body salt glow *swoon*. The entire package includes the day at the spa and a gourmet dinner, breakfast and room at the inn. It’s expensive but totally worth it – I can’t wait to go. We’re talking about going in mid-October, when the leaves are changing… I am so excited, my body is tingling at the thought of all that pampering ๐Ÿ™‚ :).

And in my dreams…

The other night, I dreamt that my teeth kept falling out, one at a time. I read before that a dream about losing your teeth means that your life is about to change significantly. The last time I dreamt that my teeth were falling out was the same night that I started my period for the first time. I’m not sure HOW my life is about to change, but regardless, I think I’m ready for whatever it is ;).


Spent SO much time with Renu on the weekend, and loved every minute of it, so now I am a little lonely for her. Usually, when I spend an excessive amount of time with one person, I get too overwhelmed by the constant company and get irritable. There wasn’t a single moment that I wished she would go away (well, maybe a few less “Did you throwup, are you ok?” would have been good :). But even that was okay because she was so concerned about me and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t suffering too badly. Even yesterday she said something that emphasized to me how much she cares about me, and I love her for that. Trying to describe our friendship is difficult, I can’t even really put it into words..I know how honest I can be in it and how comfortable – it’s extraordinary the depth of it, and I am slowly coming to realize that.

Wednesday What-If…

1. What if you could be one fantasy animal (like a unicorn or a dragon)? Probably a unicorn, for the pureness and beauty.

2. What if you could be one real animal (like a horse, dog, fish, parrot)? Either a dolphin or an elephant. Dolphin for it’s grace and ease… elephant for it’s innocence and kindness. Both for their simple beauty.

3. What if you could be one element (earth, air, fire, or water)?Hmmm… water I think. I’m more into the whole healing thing then destruction.

4. What if you could be one type of tree? Weeping willow – I love the way they dance when the wind blows :).

5. What if could have invented one thing from history (telephone, car, et cetera)? Either… penicillin or the lightbulb.

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