Quote of the Day:

“See? All your favorite things came out that year: Wonder Woman, ABBA and me.” <– Tay on why I should love 1977.

Song of the Day:

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees


Workout: Nada

Water: 2ltrs or so.

There was no way I was getting up today to go to the gym – I did try though, but I just wasn’t functioning properly, I couldn’t. It’s fairly early – so I’m hoping to get up and get a good workout in tomorrow. Fingers crossed :).

Monday Memories

From April 21, 2003

Did you ever have swimming lessons? How did you learn to swim.. what do you remember about that? If you can’t swim, why not? I can’t remember swimming lessons NOT being a part of my childhood. Stadacona, the pool in Dartmouth, lessons in the lake. There was a gap in my lessons – I think it was after moving from Halifax. The gap wreaked havoc in my structured world – when I started up again, I had lost the momentum and I was a lot older than the other kids in my class. I resented my parents too, for this disorganization on their part and the awkwardness I endured as a result. By the time I got to junior high though, I was more advanced than some of my class mates – when Sonia and I signed up for the swimming program at Dal on Wednesday afternoons, I was placed in a higher class than her – and this gave me great satisfaction. Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in the water, it’s no wonder I’m fairly comfortable in it. I especially remember being around 6 yrs old and going off the high diving board at Stad – first wearing my life jacket and then going without. I don’t envy people their big houses or fancy cars, I envy them their swimming pools with the water that looks so blue, it’s as though the pool filled itself with the sky :).

Nothing much going on…

Just zoning today – I think the weekend took a lot out of me. Tay didn’t get home until 10:30 last night, I was in bed when he got home but not really able to sleep, and after we chatted a bit about each others weekends, I got up to watch PGL with him. I’m intersted in seeing the movie when we finally get a release :).

Speaking of movies…

TIFF is fast approaching – Tay goes to pick up the book tomorrow – then follows an intense few hours where we select the movies we want to watch and then try and rate them in the order that we want to see them. Trying to prepare for the festival – taking the week off work; I’ve no doubt it will be exhausting. Dawn’s flying in for the festival – it’ll be good to share the experience with someone who’s never been. We were watching trailers we downloaded off the internet – I’m very excited about The Human Stain with Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. And who knows, maybe this year, we’ll be able to get all our movies in the DAY of the 10th so I can have the evening of my birthday :). We’ll see!

Sunday Brunch on Monday:

from December 08,2002

if you had to choose someone to sleep with your mate, who would you pick? This all comes back to the Freebie Five list from Friends – mine is currently being revised, I should mention, to make room for Blair Underwood (Jesus Christ, I almost fainted watching him kiss Miranda by the mailboxes in SATC this week! ;). I know Halle Berry tops Tay’s list so, in a moment of selfless generosity, I will give him her. My answer tomorrow could change however, and I reserve that right :).

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