Quote of the Day:

“We become like what we love.”

Song of the Day:

“Leaving Las Vegas”, Sheryl Crow


Workout: Nada (yet?!)

Water: .5 Ltrs

Yet another excuse for why I didn’t work out: I didn’t get to bed last night until late.. when my alarm went off, I still felt so tired, I wanted to puke. Therefore, no workout. Tay was supposed to get home from his meeting last night by 10 – he didn’t come home until 11 (Let’s all say ARRRRHHHH) and he brought home last week’s TAR. HAD to stay up and watch it, so I got to bed around 12. 5.5 Hours of sleep is NOT enough for me, considering I spend 1/2 an hour (at least) just trying to sleep. Who knows, I may work out after Daniel & his wife leave tonight, if I am not to tired. I guess we’ll wait and see.

What Else?

I have my yearly physical scheduled this afternoon which includes my pap smear (oh joy!!). Not really looking forward to it, I must say :). My last one was with Dr. Passeneau and she’s gone *sob*. I like Dr. Kokoski – he is probably the most thorough doctor I have been to see (Example: When I had the whole vomiting/headache thing back in June, after I left the his office he came chasing me into the grocery store next door to ask me something that he’d just thought of. This is the same doctor who was leaving me a voicemail as I was walking in the door directly following an app’t with him – I had left his office 5 minutes prior). His passion for his work is a little unnerving – at first I thought he was odd – but when it comes down to it, I’d much rather a doctor that cares and takes his time – and doesn’t forget you the second you leave the examination room. So I’m sure everything will be fine this afternoon, but still. Some things are just not FUN! I’m looking forward to weighing in tho – I will weigh less than what I weighed at my last physical – THAT’s a good thing :).

4 Hours to Go…

… till TAR! Hoorah!!! I’ll be back later with an update – and most likely a comment or two. Woo!

Part Two

Cry all you want, honey.. those tears ain’t gonna get you the million dollars!

Bwahahah! How happy was I watching TAR?? Oh ya! You’ve got to give it to Jon for making the funniest moment of the whole race by buffing in the waves off the coast of Hawaii – I almost peed myself it was so funny :). One thing that stuck with me that Kelly said last week (and usually I try and forget all she says, as quickly as possible) was how this was a great opportunity for Jon to do all the things he needed to do before getting married. Look at everything he was able to do – the adventure of a lifetime I’m sure. Even if you take the whole race and put it into perspective – if you made it to the the top 3 and had the opportunity to experience everything that the race gave you, would winning the million dollars really be that big of a deal? Isn’t it more just the icing on the cake? I dunno… that money would go pretty fast, those memories will last some of those players a lifetime. Though I’ve always been the one to go for the slice of cake with the most icing ;).

Poor David and Jeff..

You really can’t help but feel sorry for them… the way they kind of got dropped from the show. I guess that’ll teach them to knock on wood next time. “Well, Gee, we’ve never done stupid things like the other teams, they’re more stupid than we are…” Oh boys. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to boast? :). As much as I loved the hype and the excitement of the show, I wasn’t as emotionally invested into who won – once we lost the clowns I was Ennnh the rest of the way. All I wanted was for Kelly and Jon NOT to win, and I got what I wanted. I was pretty excited for Chip and Reichen – even their whole gay spiel at the end was tolerable (though borderline). With all the negativity surrounding gay marriages and theories that same-sex marriages aren’t civilized nor the same as hetero, this show did a lot for gay marriage – showing how similiar the two marriages can be. Superior in the case of C&R, in fact – their relationship was really very impressive – the support that existed, the consideration, the respect and loyalty. I wonder what George W. would have to say about Chip and Reichen :). Christine also pointed out that we can scoff at how cheesy the whole “Gay people unite” thing can be, but we Canadians have a much more liberal attitude towards gay people than Americans do. So good point.

Detour: Oh ya BABY. I’d be all over that one, wouldn’t even think twice. Out of the plane we go *whoooooosh*.

Roadblock: Tay and I discussed this – he’d want me to do it – tho he expressed some concern over my ability to get the rock open. I’d be up for it – no problem!! 🙂


My cervix is evasive…

Apparently, Dr. Kokoski had a difficult time getting a look at my cervix. I laid there as patiently as possible while he fished around for it – I’m not sure he’s all that keen on doing this aspect of his job. Prior to it he asked me if I’d prefer to have a female doctor do this part of my physical. I told him it didn’t matter – so he forged ahead. Anyhow, apparently my cervix is very low which is why he struggled – I politely asked him to make a not of it in my chart :). It actually sounds worse than it was, I was only slightly uncomfortable – he kept checking on me and talked lots. The nicest thing he did was to hold the speculum against my inner thigh for a few moments to try and get it to my body temperature – that was a first. He mentioned he had learned a number of things from working at a clinic that was staffed by mostly female doctors. He scheduled me for some blood work too so he could check out a number of things – I’ve never seen so many Xs. Sodium, Citric acid, cholestrol, thyroid are just a few. And he asked me to schedule an appointment in 2 months so we could talk about the results of my Pap and my bloodwork. Have I said he’s THOROUGH?

I weighed in at 166lbs – I told the nurse as I got on the scale that it’d be around 165lbs. Her response was, “Really?” She seemed surprised. I replied that most people were surprised to learn what I weighed and she said it was because I was tall. I dunno if that means she thought I should weigh more, or less? At my last physical (last April) I weighed in at 176.5 – so 10.5lbs is the recorded loss. Still want to get down to at least 158, 155 would be ideal, but I’m feeling less determined lately – I think it’s a result of how comfortable I’ve been with how I look lately – and the attention I’ve been receiving in general probably has something to do with it as well :). Remind me to blog about that another day, when I don’t have to get up so early ;).


The Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. Would you rather your boss were better at his/her job, or a nicer person? Better at her job…she’s already a very nice person ;).

2. Your company is going bankrupt. You still have a little cash on hand, and you can do one (and only one) of three things: provide refunds to customers for unfulfilled orders, pay your employees their back wages, or pay suppliers for goods they extended you on credit. Which would you do, or would you do something else altogether? I think I’d want to pay suppliers for the goods they extended me on credit – I don’t see why I need to make another business suffer because mine is. I’d feel bad for my customers and employess, but bankruptcy is a fact of life.

3. The US government has chosen you to select a creature other than the bald eagle to be the new symbol of America. What would you choose? Who knows? Maybe the beaver or the moose – maybe a constant reminder of Canada and our superiority in all things wouldn’t be a terrible thing ;). Bwahahaha :).

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